23 Ways You Never Thought Can Create Space For Yourself

Space is limited, true or false? NOT true, if you are a master of how to create space in your home. Find out from these 23 ways how you can have a spacious home even in Singapore, using these ideas…

Having too much stuff around the house can create all sorts of problems.

Things get misplaced, you ransack the house and tidy it all up again just to locate that one thing.

Why not hire a professional to design a storage system to keep everything organized?

We’re sure you feel that spending money to solve problems in small spaces may cost much more than intended.

For this reason, we’re giving you 23 smart solutions for the big problem you’re having with small spaces.

1) Suspended Bedroom1 suspended bedroom

2) Foldable Table

2 foldable table
[image credits: amazon.com]

3) Hide And Save Bed

3 hide and save bed


4) Hanging Table Balcony

4 hanging table balcony

5) Hidden Pantry That Fits In Narrow Spaces

5 hidden pantry

[image credits: woohome.com]

6) Rotating Room Divider

6 rotating room divider

[image credits: bestbedroomdecor.com]

7) Hidden Kitchen Island7 hidden kitchen island

[image credits: myhomeideas.com]

8) Under Bed Storage8 under bed storage

[image credits: luckypony.co.za]

9) Table Under Shelf9 table under shelf

[image credits: oficinadearquiteturabh.blogspot.com]

10) Retractable Bed

10 retractable bed

[image credits: homesthetics.net]

11) Teen Room Organization
11 teen room organization

[image credits: pbteen.com]

12) Elevated Floor Storage

12 elevated floor storage


13) Folding Kitchen Island13 folding kitchen island

[image credits: thekitchn.com]

14) Open Closet

14 open closet

[image credits: apartmenttherapy.com]

15) Hidden Washing Machine

15 hidden washing machine

[image credits: blogs.cotemaison.fr]

16) Hidden Dining Table

16 hidden dining table

17) Bed And Desk

17 bed and desk

[image credits: resourcefurniture.com]

18) Hidden Dresser

18 hidden dresser

[image credits: thisoldhouse.com]

19) Outdoor Folding Table

19 outdoor folding table

[image credits: lojaskd.com.br]


20) Hanging Storage Box20 hanging storage box

21) Staircase Storage

21 staircase storage

22) Bed And Closet

22 bed and closet

[image credits: darlenegrisso.com]

23) Fold Up Table

23 fold up table

[image credits: pinterest.com]