27 Geeky Interior Designs You’ll Want To Re-Create

1) Tardis Murphy Bed

1. Tardis Murphy Bed

1. b Tardis Murphy Bed

[image credits: thestubbythumb.com]

2) Disney Quote Stairs

2. Disney Quote Stairs

[image via: houseofturquoise.com]

3) X-Men Suite

3. X-Men Suite

[image via: victoriacourt.biz]

4) Avengers-Themed Apartment

4. Avengers-Themed Apartment

[image via: facebook.com]

5) Spaceship Home Theater

5. Spaceship Home Theater

[image credits: modernhomesystems.com]

6) Portal-Inspired Living Room

6. Portal-Inspired Living Room

[image via: geometrix.ru]

7) Hobbit Hole Bedroom

7. Hobbit Hole Bedroom

[image via: facebook.com]

8) 20,000 Leagues-Inspired Home Theater

8. 20,000 Leagues-Inspired Home Theater

[image via: dillonworks.com]

9) Batcave Hotel Room

9. Batcave Hotel Room

[image via: eden-motel.com.tw]

10) Castle Moat Murphy Bed

10. Castle Moat Murphy Bed

10. b Castle Moat Murphy Bed

[image credits: etsy.com]

11) Star Wars-Themed Nursery

11. Star Wars-Themed Nursery

11. b Star Wars-Themed Nursery

11. c Star Wars-Themed Nursery

11. d Star Wars-Themed Nursery

[image source: tumblr.com]

12) Pirate Ship Bedroom

12. Pirate Ship Bedroom

[image credits: twincitiesremodeler.com]

13) Pac-Man Bedroom

13. Pac-Man Bedroom

[image via: facebook.com]

14) Space Fighter Pilot Bed

14. Space Fighter Pilot Bed

[image via: poshtots.com]

15) Cosmos Living Room

15. Cosmos Living Room

[image via: thegadgetflow.com]

16) Starry Bathroom

16. Starry Bathroom

[image via: instructables.com]

17) Cockpit Bedroom

17. Cockpit Bedroom

[image via: flickr.com]

18) Tangled-Inspired Bedroom

18. Tangled-Inspired Bedroom

[image via: facebook.com]

19) Portal Bedroom

19. Portal Bedroom

19. b Portal Bedroom

[image source: portalbedroom.com]

20) Futuristic Pod Room

20. Futuristic Pod Room

[image via: commons.wikimedia.org]

21) White Tree of Gondor Front Door

21. White Tree of Gondor Front Door

[image via: twitter.com]

22) Lost’s Dharma Initiative Nursery

[image credits: m-and-j-collection.blogspot.pt]

23) ’80s Arcade Home

[image via: buzzfeed.com]

24) AT-AT Imperial Walker Loft Bed

24. AT-AT Imperial Walker Loft Bed

[image via: instructables.com]

25) Batcave-Inspired Home Theater

25. Batcave-Inspired Home Theater

[image via: facebook.com]

26) Steampunk Kitchen

26. Steampunk Kitchen

[image via: streeteasy.com]

27) Lego Playroom

27. Lego Playroom

[image via: facebook.com]