4 Ways You Benefit From New Pre-packed Screed

The new deadline in HDB regulations to have floor replacement or new floor finishes use pre-packed screed instead of the existing materials, consisting of sand and water, is nearly upon us. As of 1 Jun 2015, homes must use pre-packed screed for the kitchen, bathroom and “dry areas”. What does this mean for Singaporean homeowners? Good for you if you managed to start works before the deadline. But for homeowners who are collecting their keys after 1 June, they have no choice but to go with the “upgrade”. After all, it will cost more to do up your flooring.

laying concrete screed
Completed product looks similar, but will it feel the same? [image form designcurial.com]

One thing’s for sure, homeowners will prepare to spend more on flooring works. While it may be daunting for homeowners to look at an escalated bill for home renovation works, let us share industry insights with you to help you deal with the change. Having spent the past 10 years working with homeowners to bring their dream home to fruition, we’ll share our experience in working with a different material resulting in a longer lasting home that may let you enjoy your beautiful home with lower maintenance costs as years go by. How so?

  1. Better attention given to your flooring – The existing way of installing concrete flooring involves the contractor coming to your place once, paving everything during that one time and they move on. The new material requires them to come two times, giving the first layer time to dry before letting the second layer set in. With more attention given to your flooring, which method do you think yields better results for your home?
  2. Consistent quality regardless of contractor hired – Using the approved material makes the flooring feel more solid and longer lasting, as the pre-packed cement is less porous than the traditional screeding. You should be hearing less horror stories on forums about issues with flooring with a stricter control on the materials used in your home, giving you one less reason to worry about having to take leave from work to oversee the work in progress.
  3. Cleaner installation that lets you do less cleanup work after – The key materials in the pre-packed screeding are cement and sharp sand. These are more environmentally friendly compared to the existing material, making them cleaner to install. You directly benefit from having to do less cleanup after installation, while contributing to a greener planet at the same time!
  4. To add to the above, look forward to more durable flooring – The waterproof screed dries up quicker than the traditional screed mix. While the existing materials take up to 24 hours to dry, the new material firms up faster, reducing the possibility of cracks appearing. While the price tag is higher, you are effectively mitigating the risk of things going wrong during the complex process of home renovation. More bandwidth to focus on other things that need your attention, anyone?

Singapore HDB Kitchen_screed flooring copy

With the mindset of investing more in a better quality home – buy good, buy once, you will have less worries on your mind when the time comes to strike items off the checklist on handover day from your project designer.

If you know anyone who’s of two minds about whether to wait it out or try to beat the deadline, send them our way! With our experience of working with homeowners, we are in the best position to help them decide. Share this with your fellow homeowners now!