5 Ways To Refresh Your Home For The New Year

What better way is there to start the New Year than doing a whole home makeover?

The New Year signals a new start, full of promise and fresh opportunities. Your home has to reflect that too. Decluttering your home and cleaning up your environment will bring in a new sense of peace and refresh your mind for the coming year. Here are five great ways to refresh your home for 2023!

1. Clean And Declutter

The first step to any refresh is to declutter. Surely there are piles of items that mysteriously start popping up around the house over the year. Whether you have discovered a huge pile of rubbish to sort through or small little messes, this is the time to tidy them up!

A thorough decluttering can do wonders for your mind. It also helps to set the intention for the year ahead. Start by tackling one room at a time, so the task doesn’t seem too daunting. We all have to start somewhere!

Keep your rooms looking clean and organised

Follow these useful tips to get started on cleaning your home:  

  • Organise the items in your room and set aside a proper place for each item.
  • Make sure to clean under furniture to get rid of stray pieces of dirt and dust.
  • Sort through the kitchen cupboard and wipe down the surfaces using a damp cloth.
  • Clear the old toothbrushes and bottles from the bathroom cabinet.
  • Run through your wardrobe and sell, donate or throw any clothing that has been sitting around for the longest time (no matter how much you say you will wear it someday!)

2. Set Up The Home Decor

After you have decluttered and organised your home, it is time to think about home decor!

Consider what theme you wish to follow or what mood you would like to set with the home decor this year. If you don’t wish to spend too much on home decor, you can simply rearrange your existing home decor to create a fresh new look!

This can be done by moving the furniture, plants, vases, cushions, mirrors, and artwork around from room to room. Take time to arrange the books that are on display on the coffee table and cupboards. Carefully place the other display items like little plants and sculptures in new spots to make the area more visually interesting.

Additionally, you can look for simple photo frames and fill them with meaningful photos. After doing so, hang these photo frames up on the wall or set them on the table for everyone to appreciate.

Beautifully decorated dining space

3. Splash A New Coat Of Paint

Paint is one of the best ways to make an immediate difference in any space. Nothing can improve the look of your home like a brand-new coat of paint. To refresh your home for 2023, try repainting the interior of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

If you are feeling brave, pick a new colour that is a far departure from your existing paint colour. However, be sure to pick a colour that matches the colour of your furniture and the general aesthetic of your room. Every colour evokes a different mood and colour. For those who prefer something soft and gentle, you can go for a light relaxing shade of green or blue.

New paint does wonders for the living space

4. Change The Lighting

To literally brighten up your new year, try switching up the lighting of the home. Lighting is powerful in setting the mood for the home. So changing the lighting can make a huge difference to the interior of your space.

Go for statement piece lighting that will serve as the focus of attention at any dinner gathering. Or swap out a neon light for a warmer alternative. Having new lamps in the home will illuminate the home, making it feel all warm and cosy for the new year.

Unique lighting adds a touch of interest to the room

5. Display New Art Pieces

Does your home lack colour or texture? This could be a sign to bring in new pieces of art! With so many countless styles, sizes, and artworks to choose from, there will be a piece that fits your home perfectly.

Head down to a local gallery or an art fair to uncover artworks made by local artists. You are likely to find one-of-a-kind pieces of art that are worth more than money. If you are an avid art collector, this is your chance to add a new gem to your precious collection.

Switching out a few existing artworks or adding new art to your walls can inject new life into the home. If you already have existing frames, a great option is to print out art printables from Etsy and replace the old ones. This is an affordable way to create a big change!

Lastly, you can even try your hand at acrylic painting or oil painting. Whether you take classes or learn by watching a video, it is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the year. Not only will you pick up a new skill, you will also create an art piece you will love to display in your home.

Light up the room with colourful artwork

New Year, New Home

With these simple steps, you will be able to refresh your entire home and make it look good as new. Once you have refreshed your home, hopefully your mind is refreshed for the new year as well. Now go and make 2023 your best year yet.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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