7 Tips To Create A Hygge Home

Hygge. Is it pronounced hee-ga? Or hu-geh? This is the answer to the age-old question of the right way to say this seemingly mysterious word. Pronounced “Hoo-ga”, hygge is a Danish concept that encapsulates a warm and cosy mood, together with feelings of contentment and wellness.

What Exactly Is Hygge?

The best way to describe hygge is to imagine being wrapped up in your favourite blanket on a winter day and wearing thick comfy socks while sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate beside you. It is all about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the pleasant things in life. 

To bring hygge into your home, it means creating a peaceful and inviting space where you can enjoy all the warm and fuzzy feelings. Here are our top 7 tips to create a hygge home!

Our Tips For Creating A Hygge Home

1. Invite Natural Light In

First up, natural light is a huge part of hygge. The perfect hygge home is designed to have as much natural light as possible. In the mornings, keep the curtains and blinds open so you can enjoy the sunlight. After all, nothing is able to keep you warm and bring as much joy as the sun!

2. Add Candles

Candles are able to bring warmth into the room and brighten up the space. Look for candles that come with your favourite scent. You can place one in the living room and light it up whenever you want to enjoy the hygge feel. Choosing candles instead of artificial lighting will instantly make the home feel cosy and romantic.

3. Create A Cosy Nook

It is essential to have a little nook to curl up with and relax in every hygge home.

This is your special space where you can read a book, enjoy a cup of tea and be at peace. If you dream of having your own cosy nook, think about getting one specially designed for your home. You can also designate the softest chair or your favourite corner of the sofa to be your hygge spot. Do add soft pillows and throws to make it the cosiest area of the home!

4. Display Your Favourite Books

This will definitely speak to all book lovers out there. Taking a break and curling up with a good book is one of the greatest pleasures of life. It is also a big part of hygge when people have to stay home because of the fall and winter seasons.

Even though it is warm all year round in Singapore, you can still enjoy the hygge feelings by keeping your favourite books on display. Fill your shelves with books or stack a few of them on the coffee table. Books have the incredible ability to make your home feel cosy and welcoming. Additionally, this simple act will help add to the aesthetics of the home. 

5. Incorporate Natural Elements

Wood is the perfect material to bring nature straight into your home for a cozy, warm atmosphere. Create custom-made wardrobes for your bedroom so you can enjoy more storage space and bring in the hygge vibes at the same time. Wood furniture, floors or decor allow us to feel closer to nature, an important aspect of hygge. Consider incorporating other natural elements into your home, such as fresh greenery and textured pieces.

6. Bring In Plants

One way to bring nature in is to keep a few plants inside the home. The natural greenery will make your house feel soothing and calm. Another benefit of having plants around include having cleaner and fresher air. Some great indoor plant options include the Monstera Plant, Snake Plant, Bamboo Palm, Pothos and Peace Lily. With the help of nature, your home will become hygge in no time!

7. Have Cosy Blankets Around

Lastly, something you must have in a hygge home is the cosy blankets and throws. Blankets are great for snuggling with on the rainy days with your book and coffee. Consider the textures and colour schemes to make sure they complement the furniture and walls. Mix it up to add more interest to the space. This is the easiest way to create a comforting and homely feeling.

Create Your Own Hygge Home

After sharing our secret tips with you, you realise you don’t need to fly to Denmark to experience hygge when you can achieve it right here in your home. Make use of these simple methods and watch your home transform into the ultimate hygge haven!

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