Digital Lock Review For Singapore Homes

Are you shopping for a digital lock for your front door, or sticking with the good old key in your pocket? Read this digital lock review to see what Singapore homeowners feel, and make a better decision for yourself.

Whether you choose to follow technological improvements and eliminate the need to carry a physical key, or stick with the good old traditional way to keep your home secure using lock-and-key, the end result is the same.

You have valuable items at home that you wish to keep secure, while you are all at work and no one is home.

While the physical has done its job well since the 1800s, it is now 2018.

It is all about reducing the weight of things we bring out, so there’s one less thing to misplace. Losing our house keys when we were outside created such inconveniences. We had to change all the locks, replace them, make new duplicates, discard the old keys.

After 200 years of living with a bunch of jingling metal that pokes at our sensitive flesh when we sit down, it’s no surprise many people can’t wait to dump the keys and use digital locks.

Digital locks eliminate the need to bring keys with you, and give you one less item to worry about so you can enjoy your time outside.

If digital locks are indeed so good, it’s time to understand more about them. You may then decide if it’s something you want for your home too.

You can unlock digital locks using 5 ways. The common ones are:

1. Thumbprint
2. Access Card
3. Sticker
4. Password
5. Bluetooth

In online marketplace Qoo10, the most reviews are for these 3 products:

Digital Lock Review #1 – Gateman WF20

Gateman WF20 image from Qoo10.

Gateman WF20 is a popular unit with over 200 reviews.

With a price tag of $134.90, it cost 5 times more than standard padlocks.

The ways to unlock this is either by setting a password or fingerprint. This is especially useful for homeowners who have fingerprints that are not readable.

They can key in the password for access.

With a memory of 20 fingerprints, this is enough for most families to share access to the home.

Digital Lock Review #2 – Samsung SHP-DP930

The second digital lock in the review is one by Samsung.

Samsung is a common household brand, having already earned a place in TVs, fridges, washing machines. We’re going to take a look at its digital lock here.

Samsung SHP-DP930 image from Pinterest

This lock goes on sale for $355.

With 778 reviews, it has proven to be a best-seller among homeowners.

The unlocking methods for this digital lock are fingerprints, access card, password and physical emergency keys.

For a higher price tag compared to Gateman’s model above, this unit stores 100 fingerprints.

This makes it more suitable for enterprise level users, where office staff can access their workplace securely.

It uses 8 AA batteries, twice as much as Gateman’s lock.

Digital Lock Review #3 – Yale YDM4109

The third digital lock in this review is one from Yale.

Yale YDM4109 image from

This model comes with handle or roller variation, both going for $799.

The way to unlock this is by either using a password or your fingerprints.

Up to 20 fingerprints can be saved in the memory.

This digital lock runs on 4 AA batteries.

With only 30 reviews compared to the other 2 locks, it may seem like the least popular unit on the marketplace.

It’s not surprising that, given the price tag, this digital lock may sell less units.

Homeowners may consider the brand name of Yale to be worth the costlier price.

With increasing adoption of technology into smart homes, digital locks may one day become the mainstream. Even more so when issues like locking their own homeowners out are fully resolved.

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