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How To Achieve The Perfect Minimalist Interior Design

Simplicity. Decluttering. Capsule wardrobes. Perhaps these are some things that come to mind when you think about minimalism. However, that only scratches the surface of what minimalism is about. In recent times, minimalism has become a well-known and commonly practiced concept. It is about removing what you don’t need and only keeping the essentials. Minimalism actually covers a wide range of areas, from art and architecture to lifestyle and music. But that’s not all…have you heard about minimalist interior design?

What is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalist interior design involves making use of essentials to create a clean and uncluttered space to live. It is characterized by clean lines, a monochrome palette, and simplicity. It usually comes with an open floor plan, functional furniture, and plenty of light. Minimalism and functionality go together, so you cannot have one without the other. In this design style, everything works as a whole to create a soothing and inviting space for the homeowners.

For the perfect minimalist interior design, all the elements in the home should be functional and add value. It is an approach to design where elements are reduced to their essential parts. The design is based on the beauty of forms and materials. Additionally, it has to be done in a way that is simple yet not boring. That is why the use of form, light, and materials is key.

In this living room, simple wooden coffee tables are placed here for greater interest and variety. Natural lighting flows naturally into the room and the cove lighting further sets the ambience.

Minimalist style living room, from the Sumang Lane project
Minimalist style living room, Sumang Lane project

Tips To Achieve The Minimalist Interior Design

1. Clear Out Clutter

Removing clutter is the basic step for those who want a minimalist interior design. You have to let go of items that you don’t need or no longer serve their purpose. Take a look at what you display on your tables and shelves. Then, keep only the essentials and hide the rest away inside the cabinets. In minimalist homes, you can easily tell how only a few hand-picked items are kept out in the open.

2. Monochrome And Neutral Colors

Minimalist interior design usually features a monochromatic colour scheme, which consists of whites, greys, and beiges. Choose light colours such as white, along with other neutral colours.

If you want to add a brighter colour, pick only one or two and limit the use of it. You can try using shades of beige and white to achieve the minimalist interior design look. Lighter colours serve to brighten up the space, together with the use of natural lighting.

Dining area, Yuan Ching Project
White and beige colour palette for the dining area, Yuan Ching Rd project

3. Natural Lighting

For minimalist spaces, light is everything. It is vital to make effective use of lighting in the home. One essential aspect is allowing natural lighting into the space so it feels open and spacious. To achieve the complete minimalist look, you can choose to leave the windows bare so natural light can stream in. If you wish to have more privacy, you can use thin materials for curtains or blinds. But remember to keep the drapery light and airy so you can enjoy more natural light during the day.

In this living room, you can see how the windows are left uncovered, allowing for lots of sunlight. Installing blinds gives you the option of closing it when you want to and rolling it up when you don’t need it. Besides natural light, you can evoke different moods using lightings such as overhead fixtures and other types of lamps.

To achieve the perfect minimalist design, interior designers take great care to ensure that the lines are precisely aligned. Notice how the line of the shape on the left wall is perfectly aligned with the other lines in the room such as the top of the windows. These precise and accurate lines are important for achieving the minimalist look.

Living room filled with natural light, from the Jln Tenteram project
Living room filled with natural light, Jln Tenteram project

4. Clean Lines And Flat Surfaces

As mentioned above, one essential component of minimalist design includes having clean lines and flat surfaces. This applies to both furniture and objects. As shown in the photo, there are well-defined cabinets that align with the flat surfaces. The backsplash tiles also feature clean, straight lines. The clean lines are aesthetically pleasing to look at and they create the iconic minimalist feel.

Kitchen with clean lines and surfaces, from the Yuan Ching project
Kitchen with clean lines and surfaces, Yuan Ching project

5. Simple Accessories

Minimalist interiors do not require too many furnishings and decorations. Simple accessories are great for decorating and adding interest to the space. With minimalist decor, maintenance becomes much easier as well. It is okay to leave the walls empty, you just have to add or display what you truly love. When you are decorating the space, incorporate accent pieces in the home that are both beautiful and functional.

As you can see here, the teardrop shaped mirror acts as a wonderful accent piece. It is functional as well because you can take a look at your reflection in the mirror while getting ready for the day. Isn’t it amazing how a mirror can create such a stunning effect?

Uniquely shaped mirror in the dressing area, from the Jln Tenteram project
Uniquely shaped mirror in the dressing area, Jln Tenteram project

Create Your Own Minimalist Home

Less is more when it comes to minimalist interior design. Overall, this interior design style is something you can consider if you enjoy minimalism. All it takes is to be thoughtful and intentional about what you want in your space.

If you are feeling inspired to achieve the perfect minimalist interior design for your home, reach out to our professional interior designers to find out more today!

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