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How To Choose A Colour Scheme For Small Rooms

People commonly ask, “which colour scheme should I choose for my home?”. With a wide spectrum of colours and shades available, it is no wonder that this is such a boggling question for new homeowners.

In Singapore, many of us live in HDB flats and condos that come with smaller rooms than we would have preferred. However, small isn’t always bad. It is what we make of it that counts.

The colour scheme of the home matters greatly because it has a significant impact on how we feel in our home. Before choosing a paint colour, think about the effect you wish to achieve in the space. Choosing the right colours can make the room feel much bigger than it actually is. Read on to find out more about how to choose a colour scheme for small rooms!

Tips For Choosing A Colour Scheme

1. Stick To Neutrals

For those who wish to make their home appear bigger, the best advice is to use a neutral colour palette. Neutral colours include white, beige, grey, cream, brown, and black. People are generally attracted to neutral interiors, and the photos of your home will turn out looking great too.

With a neutral colour palette, you can introduce wooden furniture into the space. The wooden furniture will bring a sense of nature into the room, keeping the space warm and welcoming. Neutral colours are classic and timeless, so you know your home will look trendy no matter which year it is.

neutral coloured living room

2. Try Taupe

Have you heard of Taupe? Taupe is a dark grey-brown colour and it is considered to be the intermediate shade between dark brown and grey. Taupe has an earthy tone that is both warm and versatile. It adds a special dimensional feeling into the space.

This colour is suitable for the living room, kitchen and home office. Although it might seem like a dark colour, it is an excellent choice for small rooms. You simply need to pair it with other light hues and allow natural light into the room.

3. Consider Pastel Colours

Pastel pink, blue, mint green, peach, and lavender are some of the most popular pastel colours. There is nothing like adding shades of pastel into your home. Pastel colours are beautiful and they work well in basically any space. These colours will work perfectly for the bedroom and bathroom.

In this bedroom, a light pastel pink colour is painted on the wall. It serves to bounce the natural light around the room, making the room feel brighter and larger than before. The best part about pastel pink is that it pairs nicely with white framed pictures and the white lampshade. Pastel pink goes well with light wood furniture too!

If pink is not your style, try pastel blue instead. Blue is another soothing colour for the bedroom. You can choose a lighter shade of pastel blue for a softer feel or a darker shade for a richer feel.

pastel coloured bedroom

4. Add Some Grey

A tip for working with grey hues is to pair them with white. The white shades will soften the overall effect of the grey colour. This makes for a room that is smart-looking yet not cold. There are tricks for choosing the right grey colour as well. Choose one that comes with a blue or purple undertone as it can work well for any room in the home.

grey bedroom

5. Avoid Bright Wall Colours

Avoid bright wall colours such as bright red. Most red paint colours are not ideal for painting a small space. The energy that emanates from the red colour can quickly heat up the small room, making you feel overwhelmed. Instead, opt for colours such as rust or russet. They give off the warmth of a rich warm colour without being ‘too much’ for small spaces. 

Before you decide on a colour scheme for your room, make sure you are picking a colour that you are able to live with. Don’t go for funky, bright colours simply because they are trendy.

At the end of the day, choose a colour scheme that you will be comfortable living with for many years to come.

Pick The Right Colour Scheme For Your Room

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