How To Pick The Appropriate Wallpaper

There are literally thousands of different colours, different patterns even different types of wallpaper. How do you know which colour, or which pattern will suit its surroundings the best? Read on, and you will have a good idea!

Colour / Pattern

This for the most part is a personal choice. However there are simple things you can do to choose a color/pattern that will actually work. If you like hot pink for the wallpaper but the rest of your house is done in marble, we recommend keeping your personal preference in check, and going with something that is going to last, and at the same time, add value to your home not take away from it. There are several guides that can help you pick colors that match its surroundings and that fit in nicely. A simple starting point is to pick colours and tones that match. For example if you’re thinking green, and the opposite wall is maroon, choose a green that’s the same tone as the maroon. You know you’re headed for an unlikely feel by picking a glossy shiny shade of  green, when the maroon is dull light.


Several different types of wallpaper exist, and a lot of this choice is going to depend on its application, and your budget. For example, vinyl wallpaper is durable, perfect for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms as it can be scrubbed and doesn’t stain easily. Vinyl-coated wallpaper is just like vinyl wallpaper. However it is not quite as durable and will hold stains. These two styles are going to make a big difference in the application. You might think that having a really expensive custom wallpaper in your kitchen is desirable, but when your toddler flings some spaghetti sauce on it, you will be wishing you had chosen something more practical.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to wallpapers. There are aspects of wallpapers waiting for your to uncover. Try talking to a professional at a wallpaper store when the time comes to re-decorate your house. Make sure to ask lots of questions, as wallpapers can stand the test of time if chosen wisely! Be sure to share this article with your friends who are looking to replace or install some wallpaper in their house for the first time!