Best Home Decor Style

Best Home Decor Style

Guess which style is the most popular among those who have done the quiz on ‘What’s your décor style?’

It’s SCANDINAVIAN! Almost half of our quiz takers claimed to adore this style.

Scandinavian design originates from Northern Europe, referencing the lifestyle of Nordic countries (Think simple yet functional, minimalist yet homey).

Here are elements of Scandinavian design you can incorporate in Singapore homes!

Colour Palette

The first step to an authentic Scandinavian interior is the colour scheme. Choose muted tones of neutral colours in vaporous blues, soft grays and milky whites and cream. These are the unmissable trademarks of Scandinavian design.


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Flooring / Wall

Secondly, light coloured wooden flooring and white walls are reminiscent of Scandinavian design. These seemingly small but important details could give the room a clean look. Pay attention to this if you want to achieve an airy and open space.

The right flooring and wall treatments can emphasize furniture and decorative accents.


Now we move on to furnishing!


First off, rugs. Specifically graphic designed rugs or thick textiles like sheep skin or wool. These provide a layer of texture.





Second, are plants which exude simplicity and functionality.

Choose plants with little variation in colour,  have a simple structure and have added benefits such as air purification.

We’d recommend monstera, cactus, and ferns.


Décor accents

Third is everyone’s favourite – decor accents! Once again, be careful not to clutter. Scandinavian spaces are to be kept clean and tidy.

So, before you start redesigning your space, we recommend you plan well. This also means knowing how much you’d like to keep so that you cater for sufficient built-in storage.

If you haven’t a clue on where to start, consult a professional to build the required storage space. Juz Interior provides carpentry services for storage solutions.


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While you’re busy shopping for these, don’t go overboard with wood just because Scandinavian design uses lots of it.

Consider incorporating metallic finishes in lighting and accent pieces. Achieve the look with copper pendant lighting which adds some shine to the house.



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Finally, lighting is probably the easiest element to consider. Unlike the wintry climate in Northern Europe, Singapore enjoys more than its fair share of natural lighting. This means you get to skip on excessive lighting treatments.

Instead, opt for warm or ambient lighting and avoid lights with a direct shine.


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Need more tips on how your HDB can achieve the Scandinavian look? Book an appointment with our experienced interior designers today!