5 room hdb interior design 

Interior designer Felix Yan’s contemporary 5 room HDB interior design is nothing short of exquisite. A canvas of neutral colours like taupes, whites and blacks, gives the HDB resale home a chic finish. These classic colours for the paint and home accessories work in tandem with the bountiful stream of natural light to effuse an ethereal glow. The 5 room HDB interior design was made with the family of four’s needs in mind. Clients were looking for renovation ideas for a home which provided functionality and ample storage space. Necessarily, these requirements should be guised with a charming exterior. Hence under Felix’s advice, a contemporary interior design theme was chosen for the Clementi Avenue 3 HDB renovation.

Contemporary interior design is both modern and stylish. Free from overly ornate decorations, the 5 room HDB interior design focuses on form to provide visual intrigue as well and illusion. For example, the introduction of clean, straight lines both elongate and widen the space. In the living room, the bold black aluminium frames demarcate the home office but also feigns high ceilings. Half height glass windows between the home office and the living room emphasise the singularity but also multi-functionality of the space.

5 room HDB interior design ideas for living room contemporary theme with half height glass office


5 room HDB interior design ideas for walkway with built in shoe cabinet contemporary


A large shoe cabinet lines the long walkway into the home. Since it is custom built, the floor to ceiling cabinet provides ample space for the family four’s growing needs.


Felix works with the stream of natural light to illuminate the 5 room resale HDB. The choice of oak wood grain vinyl pieces and white laminates for the custom carpentry work create a light and airy feel. Similarly, the 5 room HDB toilet tiles follow a neutral colour palette.


Bedrooms are spaces to unwind and relax. Here, Felix focuses on creating a cosy atmosphere through the introduction of artificial lighting.
Cove lighting in both bedrooms as well as bedside lamps are essential to warming up the room as night falls.

5 room hdb contemporary kitchen interior design

5 room hdb interior design for kitchen pantry with white cabinets and oak wood counter tops with track lights

5 room hdb renovation cost

Any foodie will appreciate lots of space in the HDB kitchen. In this Clementi Ave 3 HDB resale kitchen, clients chose to segregate the kitchen into two portions. First, a dry kitchen pantry for snacks and breakfast food preparation. Second, a wet kitchen for heavy cooking, separated by a black aluminium frame sliding door. Long kitchen cabinet drawers and tall shelves provide both storage and counter space for food preparation. This HDB kitchen renovation idea is perfect for homeowners looking for a way to maximise space while looking stylish.

Ultimately, renovation of this contemporary home at Clementi Ave 3 was completed with a budget of $55K.

5 room HDB interior design ideas for living room and dining area contemporary scandinavian design with drop down pendant lights and furry rug