soothing country scandinavian home


Soothing interior design styles are more than what meets the eye. Louis Ting’s country Scandinavian resale DBSS, Lake Vista @ Yuan Ching, is unlike luxurious home designs which prioritise pleasure. Rather, the main goal of the comfortable home design is to avoid negative sensations. Negative sensations such as harsh lighting, loud colours and textured materials. Instead, what you’ll find in the 3 room apartment in Singapore, is how pastels and decor make a home peaceful and tranquil.

The family home is inspired by the rustic charms of the country-farm life, and the simplicity of Scandinavian interior design. Together, they artfully present comfort in the DBSS’ interior design.

Soothing open concept living room in country and scandinavian Louis Lake Vista DBSS


Simple Scandinavian Dining Room Interior design with floating shelves and custom build cabinet DBSS interior design


Country and Scandinavian styles aren’t necessarily an odd pairing. Both interior design styles focus on functionality and the incorporation of wood. Hence, the customised floating shelves and built-in cabinet lend in oak lend to a homey feel in the DBSS.


Home stylist Christine adds finishing touches with sentimental family mementos for a tasteful, country Scandinavian home. 

Floating shelves dining room lake vista dbss for country Scandinavian interior design


soothing and simple: living room design

Space and light were important factors in creating the serene interior. First, a neutral colour palette was chosen. Accent colours like barley in the living room TV wall help create a comfortably chic interior.

Second, a bigger living and dining area was created by hacking down the second bedroom wall. Consequently, the larger open concept common area allows natural light to easily flood the open concept DBSS living room area. The result is a lively and well ventilated area.


black and white kitchen cabinet design

However, it isn’t always about creating light and airy spaces. Louis Ting tries a bold and dramatic look in the monochrome kitchen. 

Black laminate kitchen cabinets contrast glossy white subway backsplash tiles. Albeit off-character for a country-Scandinavian themed home, the wooden accents and subway tiles are unmistakable elements of rustic charm. On some level, the space saving interior design solution for the small kitchen is Scandinavian-ish! For example, the galley kitchen layout is perfect for maximising a small and narrow HDB DBSS kitchen. Top and bottom shelving provide ample storage. With expert space planning tips, the kitchen quietly tucks the washing machine beneath the countertop. 



A bold black shower frame and accessories are toned down by the cool white marble tiles. The DBSS resale toilet renovation in the master bedroom includes custom built carpentry for extra storage. 

Soothing DBSS master-bedroom-toilet with enclosed shower
Soothing Common Bathroom Interior design and simple renovation for DBSS Lake Vista


Likewise, the common toilet renovation adopts a similar layout. However, the owners opted for a geometric tile pattern for a fun modern look.

soothing master bedroom interior

Finally, retreat into a quiet and soothing space. The olive feature wall in the master bedroom works well with the wooden vinyl flooring for an unmistakably country home.

The total renovation cost for the soothing 3 room DBSS at Lake Vista @ Yuan Ching totalled $40,000. Renovations were complete in a period of 8 weeks. Works included overlay tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms, and new vinyl flooring for the whole house.

Soothing Lake Vista DBSS olive-master-bedroom renovation and interior design

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