a dark modern interior

Explore the quiet depth of darkness in this Keat Hong 5 room HDB BTO.

In adherence to the dark modern interior theme, a monochromatic palette works in concert with raw natural elements for an intesely bold look. Rich walnut woods are paired with lustrous black accessories and laminates. Careful regulation of natural light and the introduction of a steady warm glow from pendant lights avoid potential eerieness. What one notices of the renovated HDB home is a hauntingly intimate space versatile for work and play.

Living Room Dark Modern Interior for 5 Room HDB BTO with Lighting Fixtures, Cove Light, Home Office, Living, Dining and TV room


Dark Modern Interior Glass Shower Design for 5 room HDB BTO Keat Hong



Lighting Fixture for Bedside of Dark Modern Interior Design of 5 Room HDB BTO at Keat Hong
Even dark modern interiors must be well lit. In the bathroom and master bedroom, Peter brilliantly balances the tricky task of enhancing and regulating natural streams of light. Strict control diffuses the harsh sunlight, while warm and cool toned lighting fixtures acutely define the mood in the room. The result? An effulgent glow of ebony and gray surfaces.



dark modern interior design: kitchen

Dining table for dark modern interior 5 room HDB BTO keat hong





Dark colours have the uncanny ability of making a room appear smaller than it is. Thus any concerns of having a black drenched kitchen are most certainly not unfounded. 

To forgive the bold choice of colour, careful arrangements are made to improve spatial flow both visually and physically. Firstly, a galley kitchen is the perfect solution. Food preparation becomes easy breezy when everything has a designated place. Storage cabinets and appliances are on one side, and kitchen countertop surfaces on the other. The centrally located custom-made kitchen island doubles as a breakfast bar adds much needed utility and facilitates movement.

Secondly, material elements of the HDB BTO kitchen complement the physical space. Oak wood flooring and counter surfaces run parallel, giving the illusion of a dramatically elongated kitchen floor. Furthermore, the jarring contrast between the choice of colours heightens the dramatic choice of black.

dark modern interior: custom carpentry


The HDB BTO home renovation comes together with the help of custom carpentry.

Peter’s incorporation of carpentry work improves the space’s utility and enhances the dark modern interior design aesthetic. For example, the shoe cabinet doubles up as an entryway divider, shielding curious eyes from this dark sanctuary.

Assisted by Juz Interior’s in-house carpentry team, homeowners enjoyed quality workmanship on furniture which will stand the test of time and use in the living and bedrooms.

The expansive HDB living room plays host to multiple functions: entertainment room; dining room; and home office. Despite the seemingly disparate functions, custom made cabinets, the TV feature wall and console are laminated with the signature deep walnut wood. The very same choice of laminate colours are found in the master bedroom cabinets, bed frame and headboard. The effect is a cohesive space which cloaks observers in an ironically peaceful suspense.

Peter’s Keat Hong 5 room HDB BTO renovation was completed with a budget of $50K.