dramatic black and white house

Dramatic black and white homes are for the bold. Antithetical to the fear of colour, monochrome homes

are for the visionaries. Black and white interiors are for homeowners who understand that interior design is an expression of self. In this 5 room HDB resale home along Telok Blangah Crescent, Singapore interior designer Shu Yun develops a bold and modern interior design concept.

The design theme focuses on carefully balancing the seemingly harsh colours. From the moment you step into the home, be greeted by the dramatic scene. Firstly, black accents in the furniture contrast the simple white walls. True to the principles of modern interior design, the home avoids fanciful architectural features. Instead, clean and simple lines and the cove lighting design create a refreshingly cool ambience.

dramatic black and white hdb resale house living room
dramatic tile design for bathroom-shower-monochrome-design shu Yun Telok Blangah hdb resale



oval mirror dramatic black and white bathroom hdb resale toilet renovation Telok Blangah
Telok Blangah HDB resale simple dining room interior design

dramatic black and white kitchen

Secondly, the open concept between the dining and living room provide ample space for entertaining and storage. For example, the full height cabinet across the dining table is decked out in theme appropriate black and white laminate colours. A single LED lit niche adds a polished and refined feel.

In the kitchen, custom built kitchen cabinets optimises space in the narrow HDB resale flat. Shu Yun’s galley kitchen design optimises vertical space. Virtually all appliances, including a stackable washer and dryer, fit into this kitchen post renovation. Moreover, the modern black and white kitchen design is made possible with carefully chosen tiles and accessories. 


simple HDB master bedroom design

peaceful and simple 5 room HDB resale master bedroom interior design at Telok Blangah

hdb walk in wardrobe design

Finally, the wow-factor in this black and white home tour. With slight modifications to the 5 room HDB resale point-block at Telok Blangah Crescent, the bedroom is extended with a walk-in wardrobe. Consequently, Shu Yun combined floorspace from the large living room with the master bedroom. A green tinted glass black frame door seamlessly separates the two rooms.

Across the simple master bedroom is a fully functional walk-in wardrobe. The modern design includes full-height wardrobes which flank both sides of the dressing room. Between is a built-in customised floating vanity counter in a textured glossy laminate. Likewise, the modern rectangular chandelier adds finishing touches to the luxurious space.

5 room HDB resale converted room into a walk in wardrobe interior design and renovation at Telok Blangah

cost to renovate the dramatic black and white 5 room HDB resale

The total 5 room HDB resale point block home transformation amounted to $94,000 in renovation costs. Suppliers of the bathroom tiles were Hafary, SBH, Lamitak and Admira. All storage solutions were built and designed by Juz Interior’s in-house carpentry team.