sleek minimalist hdb resale

Obsessed with the colour grey, Tampines Greenverge HDB BTO owner pinned for a grey theme interior design. The appeal of steely grey rooms which ooze cool, indifferent sophistication is undeniable. However, the trouble with grey lies with choosing the right shade. 

With Interior Designer Jacqueline Tan’s professional advice, a suitably cool shade of grey was chosen for the 3 room HDB BTO. Final results? A bright and comfortable home renovated with a comfortable budget of $40K. 

HDB BTO Grey Theme Living Room Interior Design in Grey and Blue Theme
Long Narrow HDB BTO Kitchen Renovation Ideas


Because of the narrow space in the HDB kitchen, an L shaped kitchen cabinet design is perfect! Additionally, top and bottom cabinets maximise vertical space.


Can you spot the bomb shelter? Probably not. Camouflaged within the niche for the home altar, the HDB bomb shelter along the entryway is seamlessly clad with a concrete effect laminate. As devout Christians, the homeowners requested for a small wall altar in their home. Both sleek and modern, the home altar design is discreetly housed within the bomb shelter niche.
HDB Dining Room Interior Design and Decor with Wall Altar Design for Tampines Greenverge

grey theme bedroom interior design

Next, the bedrooms! First, the stunning HDB master bedroom is perfect for industrial interior design style lovers. Similar to the living room, the walls and custom made wardrobe is clad in concrete effect laminates. Rather than ordinary paint, the laminates lend a mysterious and even luxurious look to the HDB room. Groove lines within the carpentry and walls further emanate a chic, modern interior design.

sleek bathroom interior design


Tampines Greenverge Simple Sleek and Modern Shower Design Ideas


Both bathroom layouts achieve a neat and airy look. Here’s how: Firstly, light flows easily in the space with clear glass shower doors. Secondly, custom carpentry built above beneath the sink provides storage for toiletries for a clutter free space.


The bathrooms in the Tampines Greenverge HDB BTO were renovated to maximise the small space. Additionally, the homeowners preferred a wet and dry section in both toilets. Therefore, shower stalls with clear glass doors are the perfect solution!
HDB BTO Simple Toilet Renovation with Shower Stall and Sink Cabinet Tampines Greenverge


grey theme HDB living room concept

Finally, a simply designed blue grey themed HDB living room that’s perfect for unwinding<. Despite its simplicity, Juz Interior's home stylist, Christine, handpicked blue and grey coloured decorative items to create a cosy and relaxing living room space.

Renovation of this 4 room HDB resale apartment at Clementi Ridges was completed with budget of $44K for electrical works, plumbing, painting, carpentry and hacking. A total of 12 weeks were used.