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HDB resale renovation transformations are most satisfying. Old features and layers of accrued grime are replaced with fresh coats of paint and shiny new fittings. Consequently, there is new life breathed into the space.

Summer Lim’s 4 room HDB resale unit interior design takes on a modern contemporary form. The features may not be flashy, yet they are clean and classic. With additional home styling by Juz Interior’s Home Stylist, Christine, the new home is a simple abode for speeding quiet Sunday afternoons. 

HDB resale renovation living room interior design for living room simei rise
Home Styling and Interior decoration for HDB resale Singapore


A key feature in the HDB resale living room is the marble feature wall. Paired with a strip of fluted panelling, the feature wall forms a classy background for the suspended custom built TV console. 


Instead of flashy architectural details in the structure of the home, interior designer Summer Lim chooses interesting accessories. This modern LED light works well in the space by mirroring the artwork in the living room.  

Dining table decoration and lighting design for HDB resale renovation Simei rise
HDB resale renovation dining room interior design and decoration Simei rise

hdb resale renovation: dining, kitchen and living room interior design


hdb resale master bedroom: grey theme

There are various facets to the grunge appearance of the master bedroom interior design. 

Firstly, special effect wallpaper was applied with grey brushstrokes was applied. Since it is strategically placed on the same side of the bed frame, it diverts attention from the narrow space. In fact, the choice of wallpaper for the HDB adds depth. Together with the white laminate full height sliding door wardrobe on the right, the room appears much larger than it actually is. Additionally, the small home office set up across the room in black laminate add to the moodiness of the room. Sleek and clean finishes in the carpentry also add a modern touch.

Grey master bedroom feature wall for HDB resale renovation


Custom Built Home office desk and cabinet HDB resale renovation Simei Rise




Dark modern master bedroom bathroom interior design HDB Resale renovation Simei Rise

Secondly, the master bedroom toilet was renovated to match the rest of the room’s mood and feel. Choice of glossy black tiles and white surface tops create a look of luxury. Moreover, the niche display units along the height of the bathroom wall achieves additional storage space without a clunky look.


Black tiles toilet design for HDB Resale Simei Rise



Bathroom Counter sink design for HDB resale interior design Simei rise


simple bedroom interior design

Kids bedroom interior design with encased wardrobe Simei Rise HDB Resale
Double decker bed and extendable desk with bay window seating settee HDB Resale renovation
HDB resale renovation home styling for kids bedroom Simei rise

hdb resale renovation: kids bedroom interior design

Finally, a treat for the little ones! In the kids room, a full height wardrobe is recessed into the wall. In contrast to the master bedroom, a lighter colour theme is selected for a livelier atmosphere. 

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