of hidden doors and elegance

A life behind closed doors is exactly what homeowners of this 3 bedroom HDB resale apartment envisioned. The allure of the unexpected guides the interior design

for the new family home. Together with the need for space; for hobbies and dwellers, interior designers Summer and Jacqueline focused on space planning. Ultimately, creative storage solutions helm the transformation of the small 110 sqm HDB.

Within a span of 24 weeks, renovations to this 3 room HDB turned 4 room, was completed with a budget of $118K.

Hidden Doors with Feature Wall in HDB Resale Interior Design


HDB Entryway Display Cabinet Design


Elegance greets dwellers and guests of the HDB entryway. For example, white and nutty brown oak laminated cabinet doors conceal the DB Box and shoes. Between these shelves is a three tiered display shelving unit. An orb wall light encased in a teardrop shaped rim for a touch of elegance illuminates the walkway. 


An elegant interior design underpins the home. Along the window, Juz Interior’s team of carpenters built a settee. In addition to the extra seating, it provides much needed storage.
Window Settee Storage Idea for Small HDB Living Room Resale Renovation in an Elegant Interior Design


Behind Hidden Doors: Space Saving Bedroom Interior Design

Ready for a surprise? Push open the fluted panel feature wall in the HDB living room to reveal a simply exquisite bedroom!

A quick glance around the room and you’ll notice how well space and colours are planned in the bedroom.

Every corner of the room is maximised with custom carpentry solutions. Firstly, full height wardrobes are installed to the left of the specially built platform bed. Leather pull handles for the gleaming white doors lend a playful, modern look. Secondly, the elevated custom built tatami bed add visual dynamism for a sure wow-factor. With a raised platform bed large enough to fit a queen sized bed, the bed hides extra storage space beneath. Finally, the desk running parallel to the window sill ensures maximum utility without compromising the zen factor.

Behind Closed Doors
Customised Storage Solutions

elegant master bedroom interior design

HDB Resale Master Bedroom Elegant Interior Design with Customised Carpentry for Small Spaces


Custom Carpentry for HDB Resale Renovation including Window Settee with Storage and Side Table in an Elegant Interior Design


There’s no doubt that this HDB resale apartment has a swanky hotel room atmosphere. A matching pair of bedside tables and the curve edged desk against the corner of the wall makes smart use of a small bedroom space.


Tucked behind the wardrobe doors is a vanity mirror and dresser shelves. Getting ready in the mornings couldn’t be easier!
HDB Resale Wardrobe Design with Mirror and shelves


A Platform Bedroom for HDB

Similar to the bedroom with concealed doors at conjoined to the living room, the third bedroom is equally sophisticated. The custom built platform bed and wardrobe fully utilises the recess in the wall and the high ceilings in the HDB. Within the bed frame, trap doors store odds and ends. Also concealing clutter is the flip up mirror doubling up as a desk. 

Elevated Elegance
Everything You'd Need
Sophisticatedly Designed
Elegantly Concealed

small hdb kitchen renovation

Finally, the small kitchen HDB gets a renovation facelift. Old tiles and carpentry were hacked off to make room for a new set. Crisp white laminates, matte off-white tiles and a glass backsplash give the impression of a clean and wide space.
Jelebu Road HDB Resale Renovation for Living and Dining Rooms Open Concept in Elegant Interior Design