3 bedroom modern contemporary condo renovation

Modern contemporary condo interior designs are extremely versatile yet beautiful. Felix Yan’s latest addition to his extensive portfolio of home renovations in Singapore is proof.

Owners of the 3 bedroom resale condominium at Hundred Trees were looking for a family friendly apartment to accommodate growing needs. First, the condo interior design must be practical. Second, despite the lack of space the home renovation should transform the apartment to appear visually larger. Finally, the renovation budget for the 3 bedroom condo was to be conservative. 

Thus, Felix explores the use of colour and negative space to create this visually appealing masterpiece. Indeed, the pictures shows a home that will stand the test of time and life transitions.

Hundred Trees 3 Bedroom Condo Renovation Modern Contemporary Interior Design for Open Concept Dining and Living Room


Hundred Trees Modern Contermporary Condo Interior Design for Toilet Renovation Shower Stall


The condo toilet appear much larger with negative space. For instance, the contrast between the black swing door frame and white tiles create a dramatic modern look. Concurrently, the monochrome patterned floor tiles and wall tiles provide “breathing room” for the eyes. Consequently, the viewer is not overwhelmed with detail in a small toilet. 


Despite the long and narrow kitchen space in the condo, Felix overcomes this hurdle with custom carpentry. The L-shape kitchen cabinets nicely circumvents the perimeter of the kitchen walls. Additionally, top and bottom cabinets maximise the vertical space.
Hundred Trees Condo Renovation Modern Contemporary Interior Design L Shape Kitchen


Hundred Trees Condo Black Frame Swing Door Toilet Renovation Modern Contemporary Interior Design with Vanity and Mirror

modern contemporary condo interior design

Hundred Trees Condo Master Bedroom Modern Contemporary Interior Design Black Wall with Custom Full Height Wardrobe

modern contemporary condo renovation cost

Finally, sticking to a conservative budget meant cutting loose the frills. Instead of splashing on art, paint is used. For example, the black wall in the master bedroom creates visual depth against the white custom wardrobe. Additionally, tiles in the toilet were overlayed to save on hacking costs. Furthermore, the flooring was overlayed with oak coloured vinyl to refresh the condo apartment.

Ultimately, renovation of this modern contemporary condo at Hundred Trees was completed with a budget of $37K.

Hundred Trees Condo Modern Contemporary Living Room Green Colour Feature Accent Wall