Margaret Ville

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The modern home design is simple and classy. Modern design is characterised by a monochromatic colour palette, clean lines and natural light. And if you are an avid collector, this home design will appeal to you as well. 

Interior designers Alleyna and Joe have incorporated various elements and features into their design. Everything comes together beautifully in this Margaret Ville condo. The total cost of the renovation is around $35,500. 

The first thing you will notice when you step into this condo living room is the huge glass display cabinet which shows off an extensive collection of figurines. It is an excellent storage idea and allows for the homeowners or visitors to admire and appreciate the collection. 

A soft rug with unique detailing adds to the overall look of the living room. This adds to the texture of the space and gives you a warm place to rest your feet while watching the tv. The marble-like effect also ties in with the rest of the house as seen in the pictures below. 



Check out the small cosy nook in the entranceway of the home. You can sit in this space to put on your shoes before heading out. Or, use the space as a reading corner to curl up with a good book. 


In this kitchen, you can find everything you need to whip up a delicious meal. With a stove and built-in oven, imagine all the treats you can make. The many drawers and cabinets provide you with storage for your equipment and ingredients. 


modern home: bedroom interior design

The bedroom is where you can lay down and rest. An asymmetrical bedhead feature was specially created for this master bedroom. The bed is completed with white and grey details that match the feature wall perfectly. 


condo bathroom design for a modern home

This is the bathroom for all marble lovers. The condo bathroom was completely redone to create a glamorous new look. The practical glass shower screen separates the shower and the toilet. 

Wide mirrors allow for a spacious and open feel in the bathroom. If you take a closer look, you will notice plenty of smart storage where you can store your toiletries. You will love spending time enjoying a luxurious shower in such a gorgeous bathroom.


margaret ville condo renovation

With the help of Alleyna and Joe, the homeowners have found the home of their dreams. The modern aesthetics makes the condo an ideal place for both the homeowners and their collection to live in. 

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