minimalist home design 


Minimalist interior design involves using the essentials to create a simple, uncluttered yet beautiful space. It is easily recognised by its simplicity, clean lines and neutral palette. Following these principles, interior designer Jacqueline has created a minimalist home that is ideal for everyday living.

This 3-room HDB resale flat features an open floor plan, sturdy and functional furniture and plenty of bright, natural light. After knowing the homeowners’ wish to have a cosy corner in the living room, she set out to fulfil their dreams. If you appreciate more storage space in your HDB flat, this home renovation will inspire you as well.

The total cost for this home renovation is around $60,000. 



This beautiful corner was designed as a cosy and homey sanctuary. Situated near the window, this is the perfect place to play the guitar, read a good book and enjoy the morning sunlight.


A raised platform was built  in the living room to demarcate the special space for chilling and relaxing. Below the platform, extra storage space was built so the surface can be kept neat and clean.


Wood is an element that never goes out of style. In this minimalist kitchen design, wood is the prominent material used, introducing depth and warmth to the kitchen. Additionally, storage space is essential for any kitchen to keep your kitchenware and utensils. In this home, we made sure that the homeowners will never run out of storage space! 

The classy black tap, oven and stove complement the countertop perfectly, adding just the right contrast to the cabinets.

minimalist kitchen


3-room hdb home renovation

With a modest budget, our homeowners achieved the home of their dreams. The clean and minimalist aesthetic makes this 4-room resale HDB flat a great place to chill, play music and spend time with the family. 

design your own minimalist home

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