modern farmhouse condo 

Experience rustic chic in the heartlands with a modern farmhouse interior design. Somewhere in between the cosy comforts of  earthy colours and worn out wood, specks of modern elements are adeptly peppered into the space. Hues of sea foam green and baby blue in the bathroom and common living areas are some of the modern colour elements which make the condo interior design chic. 

Artfully designed, this 1109 sqft 2+1 bedroom condo for a family of four is a beautifully renovated space that holds space for each member. Every corner has personal touch or special memory, making this family home in Singapore pleasantly charming. 

Modern Farmhouse dining room Summer and Joe Grandeur 8 Condo



The rustic look for a modern farmhouse aesthetic is achieved with organic elements. Although raw, unfinished timbers are hard to come by in Singapore, the condo interior design settles for warm, pine wood in the custom made shelves and countertops.  


Styling with organic elements is important when putting together a modern farmhouse style. Here, our home stylist uses plants and nature inspired decorative items to add a rustic charm in the condo dining room.



modern farmhouse bedrooms

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Interior Design for Grandeur 8 Condo


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Rustic Wood Floating Shelves and Chest Drawers


The master bedroom channels the same cosy and homey feel. White laminate paired with a slightly darker, withered timber trimming for the custom made bedroom chest of drawers help play the part. Add trinkets, flora and some memorabilia to the floating shelves mounted by black brackets, and it’s a quaint country home in the city!


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Tray Home Styling


simple rustic kids bedroom

Modern Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Interior Design 2 Bedroom Condo
Simple Kids Bedroom Interior Design for Condo with Roller Blinds
Kids Bedroom Custom Carpentry Wardrobe Duo Laminates

modern farmhouse condo bathroom

Modern Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Interior Design Condo


Modern Farmhouse Chic Bathroom in Sea Foam Green Grandeur 8 Condo



Modern Farmhouse Rustic Chic Condo Bathroom Renovation and Styling for Grandeur 8


Finally, it is in the renovated bathrooms where we see clear signs of the modern. On  first glance, the bathrooms look unmistakably modern. Marble tiles clad the master bedroom walls while dark brown wood effect tiles pave the master bedroom toilet floor. Additionally, monochrome geometric tiles pair nicely with green cabinet laminates in the common bathroom.

However, it is the kitsch accessories, vibrant artwork and plants which give the even the bathrooms a curated yet familiar aura.

modern farmhouse condo renovation cost

The house was completed with a budget of 54K. The major overhaul included carpentry, electrical, plumbing and hacking works for the living room, dry pantry, study room, two bathrooms, kids room and the master bedroom.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Dining Table and Custom Carpentry Shelving

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