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modern home design 


Modern home design is based on clean lines, geometric form, and function. In this condominium home renovation, you will see distinct features of the modern design, expertly weaved with some Scandinavian elements. 

If you are looking for home renovation inspiration, this is the one for you. With his expertise, interior designer Zoel Ong has transformed this space into a stunning modern home. The homeowners spent a total of $65,000 on this home renovation project. 


The modern living room, a space for everyone to hang out and have fun. Following a monochromatic colour scheme with hints of gold, this is the definition of modern. 

In this living room, you will instantly be attracted to the beautiful marble feature wall and a gorgeous display cabinet where you can showcase your treasured items. Check out the statement lighting piece, featuring three birds perched on a gold ring. Gather with loved ones over a delicious meal at the dining area underneath it. 


Who says you have to keep to one design style? 

This bathroom follows a Scandinavian concept, with the use of natural materials and a neutral colour palette. Complete with potted plants as decor, this is the perfect place for a soothing, relaxing time. 


Take a dive in the deep blue sea in the next bathroom. 

Playful and modern, these fish scale tiles make for a creative and vibrant space. The colourful tiles contrasts against the white, resulting in a stylish and eye-catching feature.  


modern bedroom interior design

Discover zen in this modern bedroom. 

The main feature of this room is the large wall painting above the bed flanked by solid wood panelling. A small bedside table provides you space for your favourite decoration piece and a spot for your coffee cup. The modern wardrobe by the side completes the look of the bedroom. 


modern kitchen design

An unconventional but pretty colour, this shade of blue stands out from the rest. Blue may not be the first colour that comes to mind for a kitchen but it has a wonderful effect indeed. The lovely kitchen tiles matches the hue of the kitchen, bringing a sense of heritage and nostalgia. 


condo home renovation

A simple condominium home has been transformed into this classy, modern space through the dedication of interior designer Zoel Ong. The modern interior design style mixed with Scandinavian design elements provides for a creative and wonderful space for the homeowners. 

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