modern zen home


Modern homes are known to be simple yet beautiful. The modern style is uncluttered and clean-looking, with a focus on practicality and functionality. This home in Stirling Residences combines modern design with elements of zen, introduced by the use of natural wood and plants. 

The new condominium home designed is sleek, elegant and classy – everything you could ask for in a modern home. In just 8 weeks, interior designer Zoel Ong transformed this home into a beautiful space for modern everyday living. Key features of this home includes the aesthetic display shelf with backlighting, cosy bedroom and a balcony area. 

Within a modest budget of $30,000, the homeowners achieved the modern home of their dreams. 



Modern homes emphasise clean lines and functionality. This sleek display shelf and lighting from the back creates a feel of grandness in this condominium apartment. 


Add finishing touches to the modern home such as books, framed photos and potted plants to complete the modern home.


modern living room design

To create a spacious living room, it is important to consider the space and lighting. 

The ceiling lighting along the edges highlight the clean lines, an iconic part of modern interior design. This type of lighting also serves to bring life into the living room area. Glass sliding doors separate the balcony area from the living room, which allow plenty of natural light into the home during the day. 

For the colour palette, a good mix of brown, beige, greys and white was chosen to create a soothing environment. Additionally, accent pieces like the sofa cushions, books and plants were incorporated as well. 



Next up, the dining area where you get to enjoy daily meals together with your loved ones. 


See what’s going on in the living room even when you are preparing meals in the kitchen!

modern bedroom interior

After a long day out, come home to a zen and peaceful soothing space. The textured wall works well to create some contrast in the bedroom space yet complements the other colours in the room. Brown black-out curtains can be drawn to completely cover the windows, creating the ideal environment for a good night’s rest. 


A simple yet practical home office space. With this excellent set-up, you can spend the day working, studying or playing computer games.


Above the work space, custom cabinets were built to provide functional storage space. Keep the messy papers, files and folders inside to maintain the clean modern look.

Lastly, step out of the living room into a cosy balcony. The ideal place for a group hangout or a late night heart-to-heart talk with your partner. Notice how the natural wood of the floor panels, table and ceiling fan bring warmth into this space.

modern home interior design

Essentially, what we need is a home to call our own.

The homeowners have found the one with our modern zen design home renovation. If you are inspired by this design, the modern interior design style might be the right one for you too. Reach out to us at Juz Interior to start your home renovation journey today!

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