hdb resale makeover

A HDB resale makeover begins with a dream in mind. For homeowners of this 5 room HDB resale apartment, the vision was a classy, modern luxury home. Not just any home, but a home for family and for kitty. Space for an indoor cat playground is portioned out from the living room for the family’s pet. Slightly wider than a metre, the clear glass enclosure seamlessly blends in with the rest of the living room for a visually large space. The HDB renovation transformation process of the 5 room apartment began by doing away with the dark and grungy interior design left behind by the previous homeowners. In its place are crisp white walls paired with glossy grey veined white marble tiles. Cool cove lighting design further illuminates the space, adding an airy feeling to the home.
4 room HDB resale makeover all white living room with mirror wall modern luxury interior design



Keep prying eyes away from peering into the living spaces with an entryway cabinet as a divider. The custom made white laminate shoe cabinet provides amble storage in a stylish yet discreet manner.


Grey veined white marble slabs are a hallmark of modern luxury interior design themes. Here, a glossy marble panelling for the TV feature wall makes for an excellent statement piece.


resale hdb 4 room living room design

indoor cat playground
glass enclosure
seamlesss integration

hdb resale kitchen and toilet renovation

336D Anchorvale Crescent 4 Room HDB Resale Makeover Blue Kitchen with marble backsplash


HDB Resale Makeover Toilet Renovation ideas anchorvale crescent pattern tile



Anchorvale Crescent Master Bedroom Toilet Renovation Ideas for 4 room HDB Resale Makeover


The toilets and kitchen spaces get a major overhaul in this 5 room HDB resale makeover. 

First, the dark and narrow HDB kitchen were hampered by the lack of natural light filtering into the space. To remedy this, the interior design needed incorporate lots of artificial light and reflective surfaces. Hence, the white marble backsplash not only provides a luxurious feel to the home, but also helps to brighten the space. Additionally, royal blue custom made galley kitchen cabinets work well with the glossy marble blacksplash, adding depth and style. 

No HDB renovation would be complete without a fresh new look for the toilets. In the common toilet (left), the monochrome pattern tiles from Hafary and plum laminate vanity add spunk to the modern luxury HDB interior design. Conversely, the master bedroom toilet design (right) mirrors the luxury theme. Luxurious grey marble tiles are mixed with modern large print pattern tiles are encased in the resale HDB toilet shower screen.


hdb resale makeover in the bedroom

Master Bedroom Renovation Singapore 336D Anchorvale Crescent HDB Resale Makeover
Finally, the HDB master bedroom design is a beauty to fawn over. The peacock blue wall gives the room a bold, rich look. Along the entrance wall, full height sliding door wardrobes are installed to maximise space efficiently. A mirrored sliding door helps to visually double up the space as well.

hdb resale makeover: before and after

A quick look at the before pictures makes it hard to imagine how this small apartment transformation happened! The renovation of this 5 bedroom HDB resale makeover at Anchorvale Crescent was completed with a budget of $56K.