Natural modern Scandinavian home 


Modern Scandinavian design comprises of modern and Scandinavian elements. When you can’t decide between Scandinavian and modern interior design, why not go for both? In this Senja Road 4-room resale HDB flat, interior designer Felix Yan has expertly weaved the two interior design styles together. 

In just 2.5 months, we managed to finish the full redo with major alterations. The entire project was completed just in time for Chinese New Year so the homeowners could proudly welcome family and friends into their new home. The total cost of the renovation was $80,000. 

modern scandi living room


Isn’t it interesting how a change of perspective can lead to two different effects? On the left, the dining area opens up to the living room. On the right, the kitchen serves as a beautiful backdrop separated by a synchronised sliding door. 


For the dining area, the homeowners chose a wooden dining table with rounded edges and a rounded ceiling light to complete the natural scandi look. 

television and wooden cabinet

The original living room wall was hacked down and pushed in to create a more open and spacious living room area. In this living room, the dark wooden TV console adds a touch of luxury to the space. The TV is mounted on the wall so the console mainly serves as storage to keep electronic devices, cables and more. A patterned grey rug makes the whole space feel warm and cozy. 

three rooms to two

Next, the master bedroom and second bedroom was merged to form a functional suite-like bedroom. New carpentry was made to increase the amount of storage for the homeowners.


one modern kitchen

Finally, we finish our tour in the kitchen. The monochromatic kitchen is the definition of modern. Everything here looks sleek and clean. The kitchen backsplash is made out of chevron tiles in varying shades of black, grey and white. 

modern kitchen

modern scandinavian home

To conclude, this is truly an incredible transformation. Looking at the before and after photos, it is hard to believe that it’s the same home. Together with Felix, the homeowners have created the home of their dreams. If you hope to create your own modern scandi home, feel free to contact us today!

design your own modern home

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