luxury 3 bedroom condo

Ascend the heights of luxury in Louis Ting’s 3 bedroom resale luxury condo. Decked out in exquisite grey veined marble and cool metallic fittings, the modern luxury interior design condo oozes sophistication and class.

Designed for a family of four, the 3 bedroom condo in Singapore fulfills two needs: entertaining and relaxing. Thus, the apartment is split into two key areas; a public and private sphere separated by a concealed fluted panel door.

The public sphere is an open concept that allows for maximum movement and flow in the house. Clear glass sliding doors in black aluminium frame separate the kitchen from the living and dining areas. A single continuous flow between the areas make it easy to entertain guests.

Montview Luxury 3 Bedroom Condo Open Concept Living Dining Room Juz Interior Louis Ting


Montview Luxury 3 Bedroom Condo Dining Table and Piano Corner with Bar Interior Design


Entertain guests in the warm glow of music, good food and liquors, and great company. A well planned dining area hosts all the essentials. First, the custom carpentry for the sake bar and second a nifty nook for the upright piano. The full length mirror performs an optical trick to double the space visually.


The modern luxury look is pieced together with consistent thematic finishes. For example, the exposed light bulbs in the fixtures are a repeated motif in the lighting throughout the 3 bedroom condo luxury interior design.


luxury in intimate spaces


Clever custom carpentry elevates the look and feel of a room’s interior design. Here, the kid’s room is fitted with a custom made platform bed. This clever space saving hack adds storage space in addition to mixing up the visual dimensions. Soft curved edges eliminate hard corners, thus making it child friendly.
Montview Luxury 3 Bedroom Condo Platform Bed for Small Space Hack Juz Interior


Interior designer Louis Ting made sure the master bedroom condo toilet is a spa like sanctuary to unwind and relax. His and her sinks with a custom made mirrored vanity stand out against a backdrop of grey marble tiles. Gold hardware diffuse a soft warm glow and a truly luxurious touch as part of the condo renovation transformation.


In the master bedroom, the aim is to create a cosy ambience to unwind and recharge. Here in the private realm, homeowners bask in the warm glow of carefully selected pair of pendant lights and the back lighting of the customised headboard. Warm toned woods work in tandem to produce an equally idyllic effect.

To see more of the home, watch the condo home tour video below.