sleek minimalist hdb resale

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that a sleek minimalist interior design is boring. Far from it, a truly sleek minimalist interior is as refreshing as it is inspiring. 

Interior designer Zoel Ong’s latest icy cool 5 room HDB resale renovation project along Fernvale Road is a feast for the senses. Crisp white walls, sparse decor and angular architectural features instantly piques the senses. It’s a modern, year-round winter wonderland!

HDB Resale Sleek Minimalist Living Room Interior Design in Monochrome
Sleek Minimalist 5 Room HDB Resale Living Room Interior Design at Fernvale Road


Minimalist living rooms like these have a simple colour palette of black and white. Despite the lack of colours, the architectural features are a standout. For example, the niche in the living room is a spectacular feature. No need for a fussy TV wall! Nested within the niche are floating shelves to host minimalist home decor pieces. These decorative items have simple shapes, thus keeping the visuals uncluttered.


Custom carpentry works are important in creating the sleek, sophisticated look in the home. For instance, full height customised shoe and display cabinets are installed along the entryway of the HDB. Not only do they hold precious trinkets, but they also conceal unsightly clutter like the DB box!
Entry Way Custom Built Full Height Cabinet to Hide DB Box and Display Shelves at Fernvale Road HDB Resale

sleek minimalist bedroom interior design

Originally, the 5 room HDB resale apartment had 3 bedrooms. However, the small HDB bedroom space wasn’t enough for the family. Here’s where Zoel’s space planning skills came into play.

First, the kids would take over the designated master bedroom. Instead of separate beds, two queen sized beds perch a top a custom built platform bed for the kids. How’s that for a perpetual slumber party! Tons of secret storage units built within these tatami platform beds are built to perfection with Juz Interior’s carpentry team. Furthermore, the soft pine floor to wall cladding in this Muji aesthetic room is perfectly timeless as the kids grow up. 

So, if the kids took over the master bedroom, where do the parents go? 

Simple! The two common bedrooms were combined to form a larger master bedroom. Fitted with a custom settee with storage drawers and a black full height sliding wardrobe, the monochrome minimalist bedroom is a relaxing oasis for maximum shut eye.


sleek minimalist bathrooms

As the apartment is a resale unit, the owners opted to hack off tiles during the HDB toilet renovation. The owners chose two different styles for the bathrooms. In the common bathroom, the homeowners opted for a darker theme. Black homogeneous tiles in the bathroom are offset by bright LED lighting which bounces off the mirrored toilet vanity cabinet. Contrarily, the master bedroom toilet is light and bright, similar to the light theme in the bedroom. A concealed shower in wood grain effect tiles pair excellently with marble tiles for a luxurious look in the bathroom.


Sleek Minimalist HDB Resale Toilet Renovation Interior Design in Monochrome Theme



HDB Master Bedroom Toilet Renovation Ideas for Sleek Minimalist Interior Design with Marble and Wood Effect Tiles_Fernvale Road


Sleek Minimalist HDB Resale Dining Room Interior Design

modern luxury hdb resale cost

This 110sqm 5 room HDB resale renovation was completed in 10 weeks. Working with a budget of $116K, interior designer Zoel Ong conducted hacking works, carpentry, electrical rewiring, plumbing, repainting, wallpaper installation, re-tiling and a false ceiling design.

Fernvale HDB Floor Plan Before Hacking
Fernvale HDB Floor Plan After Renovation

Renovation of this 4 room HDB resale apartment at Clementi Ridges was completed with budget of $44K for electrical works, plumbing, painting, carpentry and hacking. A total of 12 weeks were used.