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Ian Tan
Ian believes in combining design and practicality in homes. Every home under his care is tailored to an individual’s desires and exigencies. An interior design veteran, Ian’s design sensibilities are versatile. Be it Contemporary or Scandinavian interiors with a twist, Ian’s eye for detail and commitment to great service promises all homeowners a great home renovation experience.
Tanakit Yong

Tanakit Yong believes that space should complement its user. Only then can it be visually pleasing to those who dwell and live in it.

Hence, Tanakit works as a team with clients to understand their tastes, interests, and lifestyle. These are important to create a home that suits them, and ultimately defines their symbiotic experience of the space.

Tanakit holds a BA Spatial Design from the University of Central Lancashire.


“You do not need the colour red to start painting the rainbow nor do you need red to be inside your rainbow. In this moment, you get to choose how your rainbow will be.”

This abstract concept describes what Jaety believes in. There is no limit to creativity and you do not need to stick to a fixed set of ideas. In interior design, you have the opportunity to express yourself to the fullest and showcase the essence of who you are.

Jaety always finds joy in seeing empty spaces turn into ones where conceptual thoughts and ideas become tangible. She encourages clients to be their own individual painter, creating the art they visualize into a real-life masterpiece.

As a passionate interior designer, Jaety is up for constructing any ideas and drawings a mind can think of into reality. She holds a Diploma & Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in Spatial Design from the University of Central Lancashire.

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Projects By Team 27

Stars Of Kovan
Cape Royale
Punggol Central
Jelebu Road
Fernvale Road
Margaret Drive

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Q: Where do you usually get your inspiration from?
My design inspiration comes from my surrounding & time. I’d usually take time to develop and enhance my design. Ian
Q: What is a unique request that you have received from homeowners before?
To remodel a 3 bedroom flat by hacking down almost 90% of the interior walls, incl the toilets. The owner just needs a Master Bedroom with a linked walk-in, a home office and 2 bigger bathrooms. Tanakit
Q: What are your thoughts on “The older the flat, the better for IDs”?
I could start all from scratch when designing an older flat. It’s like creating new art from blank paper. I have encountered such projects before and the progress was challenging, and I feel so accomplished when the outcome meets the owner’s requirements. Verlynn
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