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Joe Yap
As an interior designer in Singapore, Joe has some very important characteristics you’re looking for: practicality and creativity. Juz Interior’s very own cool Joe has an expert-level understanding of how valuable space is in Singapore. Having previously worked for five of Singapore’s top property development firms, Joe wants to maximise every square inch of your home. His excellent space planning and design conceptualisation skills shine through in all of his projects. Apart from visiting art galleries, nothing gives Joe more pleasure than transforming a raw space being into a beautiful, people-centric home.
Alleyna Wee

Alleyna is a firm believer in the transformative power of beautiful interiors. Powerful enough to change lives.

Consequentially, the first step in realising the potential of a space is through good design. This involves considered choices teamed with a sense of bravery. Bravery to explore new frontiers and redefine old ideas.

As an interior designer, Alleyna posseses an immense appreciation for a wide range of design periods and styles. To her, spaces truly work when balance is created through contrast. Ultimately, each home ought to tell a story about the individuals who inhabit them.

Kuo Liang

“Interior design is the arts and science of a space.”

Playing with Lego bricks ignited the spark in Kuo Liang to build and create. This driving force led him to step out of his comfort zone and to pursue his studies in Interior Design.

Combining the beauty of art and the precision of science, Kuo Liang is dedicated to bringing your visions to life. With a passion for creating functional and stunning interiors as well as a keen eye for detail, he transforms houses into personalized havens.

At the heart of his design process is collaboration. Through understanding your unique style and preferences, Kuo Liang curates spaces that reflect your personality. From concept to completion, he will be there to guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless design journey.

Reach out to us to create your dream home with Kuo Liang today!

Projects By Team 6

Joe Yap
421C Northshore Drive
112B Alkaff Crescent
20 Margaret Drive
Tanglin View
Ang Mo Kio Court
Rivercove Residences
Grandeur 8
Alkaff Crescent

What People Say About Team 6

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Q: Where do you usually get your inspiration from?
My design inspiration comes from my surrounding & time. I’d usually take time to develop and enhance my design. Joe
Q: What is a unique request that you have received from homeowners before?
To remodel a 3 bedroom flat by hacking down almost 90% of the interior walls, incl the toilets. The owner just needs a Master Bedroom with a linked walk-in, a home office and 2 bigger bathrooms. Alleyna
Q: What are your thoughts on “The older the flat, the better for IDs”?
I could start all from scratch when designing an older flat. It’s like creating new art from blank paper. I have encountered such projects before and the progress was challenging, and I feel so accomplished when the outcome meets the owner’s requirements. Alleyna
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