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Use Virtual Reality for Home Interior Design in Singapore

Redoing your home’s interior is both thrilling yet daunting. Whether you’re a wide-eyed novice or a paint speckled renovation veteran, homeowners struggle with confidence in the final design concept.

How do you know for sure the interior designer truly understands your ideas? Can you be certain that your home interior design will be delivered to perfection?

But hey, that’s not a problem. We’re letting in you in our solution to undo those knots – virtual reality for home interior design.

Virtual Reality Explained

Virtual reality provides users an immersive experience of a simulated environment. With the help of virtual reality headsets, a user’s auditory and visual senses are fully engaged, and they can physically participate in the simulated environment. Participation is reciprocated with real-time feedback. For example, if a user moves two steps forward toward a “door”, the headset shows them closer to the “door” than they were before. This gives an impression of an extremely lifelike scenario; marring differentiation between reality and simulation.


Its successful application in gaming and entertainment is proof that entering an alternate reality isn’t too mind boggling. Anyone can comprehend and engage in artificial environments. Ask anyone who’s spent time slaying zombies or gunning down enemy troops in a game. They have a pretty good idea of what it could be like although they’ve never actually done it.  

Bound neither by concrete reality nor figments of imagination, virtual reality is the perfect tool for interior design. It confirms visually if the abstract concepts are viable in a physical space. Many homeowners find that ideas in their head may not necessarily be functional or visually pleasing after a virtual reality home tour. This makes virtual reality an extremely valuable test-bed to experiment without bearing any immediate consequence.

Virtual Reality is an Excellent Communication Tool

Before virtual reality was implemented, working relationships soured because ideas are not easily verbalized. Interior designers and homeowners misunderstood or did not fully comprehend each other.

Most homeowners have ideas on what they want their home to look like. However, not all have the vocabulary to describe the vision. When explaining your ideas to the interior designer, tiny yet important details could be lost in translation. Even if homeowners come prepared with a Pinterest board chockfull with home design and décor pictures, everyone wants a rendition – not a carbon copy.

With virtual reality, you’ll see and explore every nook and cranny of the home. If you don’t like what you see, independently effect changes on the spot. Interior designers can also demonstrate live some design alternatives which may better suit your lifestyle or budget.

Preview Your Future Home for Real

Live interactions with the design are a huge improvement from the days of hand drawn sketches and 3D modelling. Previously, it would take weeks before simple changes can be presented in the proposal. Imagine having to wait two weeks before you can see a simple wall colour swap!

Furthermore, unlike 3D or hand drawn sketches, virtual reality shows you exactly how a home will turn out. No more squiggly lines, incomprehensible diagrams, or handpicked elevations, sections and perspectives. See the possibilities in all 360° angles. View even the finest detail of their home – something 3D sketches and hand drawn images cannot achieve.

Make Better Decisions and Save on Avoidable Cost

With the visuals to match, you can better manage your expectations of the completed renovation.

Before Juz Interior implemented virtual reality, it was common to hear, “I didn’t think the colour/tile/sofa/laminate would end up looking like this! Is it too late to change? And if we do, how much will it cost?”

If you’re not staring at tile or laminate samples all day, conjuring mental images of a completed room with the chosen surfaces is not easy. Homeowners struggle to imagine what an entire kitchen backsplash will look like from one tile sample or what the visual impact of floor to ceiling cabinets would be.

Virtual reality nullifies these problems by helping you make better decisions. From the initial stages of ideation, see and experience for yourself the consequences of your design decisions. With the help of your interior designer, the gift of foresight will help you avoid unnecessary costs to your renovation bill.

Homeowner Reviews of Juz Interior’s Virtual Reality Trial

Since adopting virtual reality for home interior design in 2018, hundreds of homeowners have gleaned its benefits. Here’s what they have to say.

“The 3D renders in the VR format was also a big positive. It was unexpectedly useful in visualizing the final product.”

Bryan Tang

“[We] would like to also commend Juz Interior for their innovative take on their 3D drawings. We thought the VR concept enabled us to really have a feel of what we were getting. It’s safe to say that the 3D drawings do match up to the actual product delivered.”

Chevy Chad Sim

“It’s our second time working with Jayden; first time round was our own place, and this time round (i.e. 2 years later), my mum’s place. What we really like this time round was the 3D rendering provided. Instead of just still shots of the various rooms, we get a VR tour. This was really useful in helping us visualize how the end product was going to look like.”

AJ Chang

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