5 room HDB interior design ideas for living room contemporary theme with half height glass office

Work From Home The Right Way

Is your work from home station in your HDB or Condo doing you justice? With an on and off again WFH default mode, setting up a conducive home office in your HDB or Condo is a wise long term decision.

Purchasing essential gear like multiple computer screens and an ergonomic chair is only the beginning. Now you need the room to match. Here are our best tips on how you can put together your work from home essentials for a productive day.

Create a Work from Home Only Zone

The first step is the hardest one. Remove anything in your surroundings which may potentially distract you.

For example, this luxurious home office designed by Verlynn and Hilda with a seafront view makes working from home a breeze. Crisp white walls elegantly frame the vibrant blues and greens of the sea. Certainly no need for a Zoom backdrop here!

Condo Home Office Design
Dedicated Home Office at Cape Royale

Although the best way to achieve this is to designate a room for a home office, not many can afford this in small HDBs. Interior designer, Felix Yan, finds a clever way around this. A portion of the hall is sealed off with a glass divider to create a home office space in this 5 room HDB resale flat. Most importantly, it keeps the noise out without cluttering the visuals!

5 room HDB interior design ideas for living room contemporary theme with half height glass home office
Casement Glass Home Office at Clementi Ave 3

Where to Place Your Computer

However, if you can’t afford to spare any space, consider the position the computer table. It should face away from sources of disturbance. Face the table either against a wall or the window. For instance, Interior Designer Peter Su’s work from home set up for the dark interior at Keat Hong HDB BTO is a good example.

Keat Hong Home Office Space and Living Room for a Dark Modern Interior Design for 5 Room HDB BTO with Cove Lighting
Back Against the Distractions

Home Office Shelving and Custom Desks

Next up, furniture. A comfy chair, table, shelves, a printer and cabinets are the bare bones to get started.

While loose pieces of furniture might meet your needs, consider custom built carpentry to maximise your space.

For example, interior designer Ray Lau recommended a built-in cabinet with a niche (large enough for a printer!) as well as a customised desk which trails the length of the room. With the ample storage and space, multiple people can work in this seemingly small condo home office design.

White and wood condo interior design home office ideas
Custom Built Shelves and Desk for Neater Spaces

Remember, if you need help with creating a built-in cabinet for your documents and accessories, Juz Interior provides in-house carpentry services. Get in touch for a free consultation!

Glitz the Work from Home Experience

We’re not talking useful office accessories like pen holders, a corkboard or a whiteboard. Think accessories and fun pops of colour.

Pictured below is a girl’s bedroom study area designed by Jennifer Tan. The custom built shelves are decked out in pastel purple are colour coordinated with loads of cute trinkets to reflect her personality and style.

Bishan St 13 HDB resale girl bedroom in purple with custom study desk
This kid got it right with the accessories.

Home Office Lighting

Finally, don’t forget the lighting. Bright white lights are perfect in this room. Avoid warm yellow lights as they’ll make you feel the opposite of energised.

Home Office and Study Desk Design
In addition to down lights, LED lighting directly above the desk is a must.

Ready to design your own customised home office, speak to our team of professional interior designers today!