Top 5 Genius but Illegal Home Renovation Ideas

The need for expression has given homeowners a reason to make a space unique to their lifestyles. But creativity reaches its limit when in odds with neighbors and the law. Read on to discover 5 ingenious home renovation ideas  that are currently illegal.

HDB homeowners in Singapore quickly realize that they can’t have it all when it comes to home decor. Your top consideration is whether your neighbors will be negatively affected by your idea. Secondly, will your redecoration efforts fail any inspections.

Here are the 5 ideas that crossed the line.

1. Mind-blowing Outdoor Fish Tank

video from: Aqualush on Facebook

Have you noticed that Koi swimming in ponds seem to have more brilliant colors compared to those which live indoors? That’s the reason  this tank exists on the steps of an HDB apartment entrance.

The owner wanted to give the fish a better environment to dazzle and shine. His fishes had outgrown the smaller tanks, according to him.

This renovation idea, although a sight for sore eyes for the neighbors and the owner, raises concern for Town Councils that need to ensure public spaces do not endanger anyone. It’s illegal as of April 2019.

2. Instantly Doubling Your Space With Mezzanine


image from: sthomes.com.sg

No one homeowner is the same. Some have collected tons of items and used up all the space in their flat.

Without upgrading their flat, an ingenious way to instantly claim more usable space for their homes would be to build upwards.

That’s what skyscrapers do, right?

Imagine living in a standard HDB unit, maximizing  your living space and being able to create more space with this idea!

A typical height from floor to ceiling is 2.6m. By building a mezzanine platform, you can make better use of your space, much like adding racks to your bomb shelter.

It’s a partition for your physical space.

The add-on for indoor mezzanine can range from a height of 1.73m to 2.82m, letting you fit a sleeping space above.

More space for hoarding!

Unfortunately, you must obtain permission before going ahead with a mezzanine floor in your HDB unit.

Just because you can claim space vertically, doesn’t mean you can ignore the additional weight that the floor now has to bear. Such a pity for the highest floors, since they have slightly higher ceilings which could have been maximized.

3. Festive Santa On The Ledge


image from: Straits Times

Strictly speaking, this is not a renovation. It’s a creative use of space outside the house.

After all, Santa is used to climbing chimneys and dealing with his fear of heights.

If his sleigh is stuck entering customs, why not place him on the ledge?

It’s illegal because it raised safety concerns, so the creator was asked to take it down.

Always a good reminder to us that the sky’s the limit when it comes to decor for our homes.

4. Sinister Slithering Snake Tank


image from: reptilesmagazine.com

What’s wrong with putting the sideboard beside the kitchen?

Nothing really. It holds the supplies and is a good storage option.

Maybe except it’s plain. And everyone else does it, so…

Enter the snake tank. Adding an exotic element to the space.

Imagine hosting a party at your HDB apartment, sharing the molting of snakes while your guests gawk at the tenant inside the tank.

While it’s unique and brings life to the home, you’ll hit a roadblock for keeping wildlife as pets.

5. Relaxing Dip In Bath Tub


image from: pinterest

Enjoying a shower in the bathroom like your last staycaytion may be a little challenging.

That’s because the same bathtub from the hotel will probably fail the weight limit for HDB bathrooms.

With a maximum allowance of 150kg per square metre, this reduces the choice of bathtubs you can install.

There are smaller size tubs you can soak in, just so that you can enjoy the effects of muscle relaxation by dipping in an albeit smaller tub.

Don’t let the regulation stop you! Just because you can’t have the full built-in bath tub experience doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways around the problem.


Now you know what areas are definitely not feasible to do for your home. At the same time, you probably discovered some “new” ideas for your home renovation.

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