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Modern home design is more popular than ever before and there are good reasons why. Modern homes are classic and timeless. The homeowners of this new BTO flat wanted to enjoy a modern home with sufficient storage space. Using this as a guide, interior designer Joe Yap brought this 3-bedroom HDB apartment on Northshore Drive to a whole new level.

With the simple, modern design theme in mind, Joe introduced unique elements in every room. Over the span of three months, this home has transformed into a beautiful space. With a budget of $35,000, you will be surprised to see how much we can do for you.

Read on to be inspired by this modern home design!

Whenever we come home, we look forward to stepping into a safe space. As seen in this photo, this well-designed entryway leads you directly into the modern home. The brightly patterned wallpaper on the side certainly adds an element of interest as well.



Have you ever thought about having a black bedroom? Although it seems unusual, this is a fine choice for a bedroom. It creates the perfect atmosphere for gaming on the computer. 


The patterned wallpaper is a unique point in this otherwise dark space. Doesn’t it give off a secret hideout vibe? Even though you are probably not an evil villain hatching your next plan, this room is great for enjoying time on your own. 


modern bedroom design

This is the epitome of the modern bedroom. The entire room is brightened by bright, natural lighting. At night, you can close the blackout curtains for a good rest. The bed also comes with plenty of soft pillows to lie on.

Spot the little niche in the corner of the wardrobe. It provides a space for your bedside items such as books and decor. If you love plants, you can add a small potted plant or succulent for some extra greenery. You can even leave your cup of tea here while you do a little bedtime reading.


simple bathroom ideas

Simple and modern, this bathroom has everything you could need. The black details perfectly complement the wood elements in the bathroom. On top of that, you can check your reflection in this modern mirror before you head out for the day.  

nautical-style kitchen design

This nautical-style kitchen is certainly unique to this home. It features a sintered top and backing, which is easy to wipe down. The colour palette of blue and white gives the space a clean, minimal look. In this kitchen, you can prepare all kinds of delicious meals to keep you energised for the adventures ahead.

open dining area

Finally, we arrive at the dining area where people gather over meals and laughter. With the open concept, people can sit around the table and still interact with others in the living room. The navy colour continues on into the dining area, topped off by a gorgeous marble tabletop. The hanging lights are simple statement decor pieces that everyone will love. 

northshore drive 3-room hdb renovation

All in all, Joe has done an excellent job with creating a modern home. It is an achievement to include so many unique elements within the given space. As seen, the simple and modern aesthetics works wonderfully for this 3-room apartment. If you are looking to renovate your HDB home, feel free to reach out to us today!

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