Sliding Barn Door as a Statement Piece!

Why a sliding barn door in the house?

Thinking that your house might be too plain or mundane, not only can you add on some accessories or painting to add vitality to the house, you can consider having a fixture that is not too out of the place yet useful in the house –  like a door. It can be the kitchen door, bedroom door, utility door or even wardrobe door. Why not consider having a sliding barn door as your option? It is a statement piece that won’t crash with any design of the house yet bring out a different feel to your desired style. It might cost more but it is definitely worth the price!

Different Styles

Barn doors come in a lot of versatility for every room. Not necessary that they need to be wooden type surface to give off rustic flair or country feel, it can also evolve as a chalkboard for your menu for the day or even your kid’s drawing board. You can also choose to have aesthetics look with different finishes or handles to look chic and classy.

1. Shoes cabinet needs not necessary be a boring piece of furniture, instead have a built-in shoes cabinet and designed the door as a sliding barn door to give off some country spirit once the moment you step into the house.


This is an actual house in Singapore, you can take a look at the overall design of the house. Rustic Sliding Barn Door – Shoes Cabinet

2. A sliding barn door for the study room with black wooden border exudes a Victorian yet industrial feel.


An actual photo of a Victorian yet industrial feel sliding barn door for the study room

3. Save up the space in your kid’s room by replacing the usual door as a drawing chalkboard sliding barn door!


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4. You can also add a long handle to the glass sliding door to make the overall feel look sleek and sophisticated which is suitable for office or even your own study room.


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5. A barn sliding door design can also be used as a bathroom mirror with the functionality to act as a cabinet door to make the place looks tidy.


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So you can consider having a sliding barn door in your desired style for your future house! But do remember to take in consideration the weight and material of the door for its stability.