9 Tips To Make Your Home Look Amazing

Have you ever looked at amazing homes on Instagram and felt like your home looks boring in comparison? If so, you are not alone. Many people see these pretty photos and wonder how they can ever have a home like that.

When it comes to decorating and styling your home, you need to find the right balance between coziness, functionality, and style. Even if you spent a ton of money on furniture, maybe your home still lacks the extra zest and looks nothing like the perfect spaces in magazines.

The good news is that there are some simple ways to make your house look amazing. By following these styling and decorative tips, your home can look picture-perfect in no time. Let’s get into these tips right now!

Simple Tips To Level Up Your Home

Look For Conversational Pieces

Conversational pieces are not only the trophies and certificates you collect over the years. Even though those are precious to you, not everyone will be impressed by them. To achieve a stylish look, you don’t want to over-clutter your space with all sorts of objects. Conversation pieces are those which stand out and immediately draw attention.

If there is something that brings up a dear memory to you, such as an important photo or thrifted item from your trip overseas, this will make for a meaningful conversational piece.

Display Items In Threes

Have you heard of the rule of threes? This rule is often used in styling and decorating.

Displaying items in a trio is more balanced and visually appealing. Variance in the heights, sizes, and materials used for decorative pieces makes for a more interesting look. You can start out by displaying the items on a coffee table or little corner.

After getting used to the concept, you can introduce this idea to other areas of the home as well. Just be sure not to overuse this decorative principle or else the desired effect won’t be achieved.

Switch To Fancy Soap Bottles

When we buy liquid soap from the supermarket, many of us use it out of the bottle it comes in. Our tip is to look for fancy liquid soap bottles such as marble patterned bottles or clear glass bottles and fill them up with the liquid soap. You can refill these bottles whenever the soap runs out.

These bottles look much fancier as compared to regular plastic bottles and it doesn’t cost very much to make this simple change. Notice how your bathroom can transform into a classier one with this simple trick.

Display Fresh Flowers

Whether you love flowers or simply admire them, flowers add something special to any room. It beautifies the place and brings joy to the people who step into the room.

You can purchase flowers from the market at an affordable price or from a flower shop if you are feeling fancy. When you get flowers, place them in a nice vase and fix them in a spot near a corner.

Maybe you wish to choose your favourite flowers or you could buy a bunch of mismatched flowers. The casual and random look of the flowers makes it look like you decorate your house with flowers all the time. This is an easy way to impress your guests without trying too hard.

Coordinate Colours

When there are mismatched pieces of furniture, the colours might clash with one another, resulting in a sense of chaos in the space. If your furniture doesn’t mesh well with one another because of differing colours or styles, you can consider painting a few of them in the same colour to bring unity to the space. 

A small change can bring greater unity into the space. For other furniture items such as the sofa and bed, you can change the sofa covers or bedsheets to suit the room. If you are feeling adventurous and to go for a bigger makeover, you can consider repainting the walls as well.

Use Placemats For The Dining Table

Using placemats on the dining table provides a sense of tidiness and order. It keeps your table safe from stains and makes it easier for you to clean up after meals. Placemats are a great way to add more colour and pattern to the space. You can look for affordable placemats at the store or make them using your own fabric.

Add Indoor Plants

It may be common knowledge that indoor plants are an excellent way to liven up a space. They bring colour and freshness into the room and add style points as decorative pieces. Make use of plants with large leaves such as the Fiddle-leaf Fig or a Monstera plant. Otherwise, you can go for a small hanging plant or a little succulent as well.

Place bigger plants near big pieces of furniture or fill the empty corners. The smaller plants can be added on tabletops or display shelves, among other decorative items. But do ensure that you provide your beloved plants with enough sunlight to thrive in your home.

Keep Throws And Blankets On The Sofa

If you have read our article on the 7 Tips to Create a Hygge Home, you know the importance of having throws and blankets around the home. It makes everything feel so much cosier and it is also an effortless way to add texture and pattern to a room. Another hack is to place the throw on the sofa in a loose and casual way so it is not too neatly folded. 

Store Ingredients In Containers

Lastly, store your essential cooking ingredients in containers. Stylish homes really come down to the little details as small things can make a huge difference. For food-related items, remove the original packaging and place it in beautiful glass containers. This includes items like rice, cereal, salt, and more.

You can purchase glass containers from IKEA or any other store. However, it can be quite expensive if you need a lot of these containers. To get around this, you can repurpose jam jars and reuse any glass jars you have. You won’t need to have a matching set of containers, but having them in the same colour or material will help to create a coherent look in the kitchen.

Make Your Home Amazing Today

With these helpful tips in your toolbox, you are all ready to make your home look as amazing as you imagined it to be. If you are looking for a whole home makeover project, reach out to our team of professional interior designers and we will work together with you to achieve your dream home!

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