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Home Styling at the Ardmore Park Condo

For most homeowners, the renovations are the most stressful part of moving into the home. Home styling is the best part and tail end of the renovation works. But, what if you’re an expat in Singapore looking to make your temporary house a little more like home? Here’s where home styling and interior decoration could be game changing.

Decorating services at Ardmore Park was an interesting assignment for us. As a rental unit, no structural changes could be made to the condo apartment. Yes, that includes paint! Juz Interior’s interior stylist, Christine, worked with the homeowners to handpick pieces to fill the 2885 sqft, 4 bedroom condo in Singapore.

What is Home Styling?

Juz Interior’s home styling services started in June 2021. The additional service helps busy and creatively depleted homeowners select and purchase furniture and decor items. However, you don’t have to had renovated your home to enjoy the service. As long as you’re ready to give your space a facelift, we’re here to help!

The Home Styling Process

1. The Initial Consultation

So, what does the home decorating process look like? First, Juz Interior’s home stylist works with you to understand your needs, preferred style and budget. 

The homeowners reached out to us for an initial consult, explaining their needs and style preferences.

Following discussions, the homeowner expressed that there were pieces of furniture they wanted to bring over to their new home. After taking stock of what they had, the home stylist assessed additional pieces of furniture they may require in the new space. 

2. Buzzing Ideas for Your New Home

Next, a mood board is drawn up to be assured we’re aligned on the final vision. Items for your home will be selected and proposed to you.

Moodboard for Home Interior Styling and Decorating in Singapore Condo
Furniture Proposal Home Styling for Condo in Singapore

3. Piecing the Decoration and Furniture Together

Once you’ve approved all furniture, accessories and decor it’s finally time for the fun part: piecing the pieces together! Once again, you won’t need to lift a finger. Our team will sort out the deliveries and arrangement. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your dream home coming together before your eyes.

The Final Reveal!


Satisfied Customers!

It took 3 months of hard work. From sourcing and piecing together pieces for the condo, and of course staying within budget, the Ardmore Park interior decorating transformation was a success. Here’s what the homeowners had to say:

Client Testimonial Juz Interior Review Home Styling

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