Top 3 Tips for a Modern Luxury Interior Design Concept

Modern luxury interior design concepts are trending in 2022. Although minimalist interiors might have trended the last few years, luxury and maximalism are making their mark this year. The reason? Homeowners are eagerly pursuing comfort and prioritising well-being.

What is Modern Luxury Interior Design?

As many continue to work from home, little indulgences are becoming indispensable to create a “feel good” space. Hence for some, the modern luxury interior design is more so a means of escapism than an aesthetic which operates by a playbook. Ultimately, luxury as a concept is about desirability; consuming more than what is deemed necessary. To clarify the modern element of this interior design style, it is good to contrast it to its classical counterpart. Think about the majestic ambience of the Sistine Chapel in Rome as an example. Consequently, the modern form has a simple colour palette and clean lines (although simple curves are making headway this year!).

Montview Luxury 3 Bedroom Condo Open Concept Living Dining Room Juz Interior Louis Ting
Open Concept Living, Dining and Kitchen with Marble and Gold Finishing

So, if you are looking to create a modern luxury haven for your next HDB or condo renovation, take your cue from our slew of projects. We include samples from condominium and landed property interior designs in this blogpost. For more great ideas for your own home renovation journey, reach out to our team of professional interior designers.

Browns, Mauves and Taupes are Go-To Colours in 2022

First, choose the right colours! In case you didn’t already know, cooler tone interiors are no longer in vogue.

4 room HDB resale makeover all white living room with mirror wall modern luxury interior design
4 Room HDB Resale in White Modern Luxury Interior Design by Peter Su

In 2022, earthy browns and taupes are here to make a bold statement. Importantly, the key to making this colour work for a home in Singapore is finding the right shade. Darker and warmer tones like walnut and terracotta give off a sultry and cosy vibe. Contrarily, cooler tones like oak and latte have a feminine, welcoming charm.

Custom Made TV Feature Wall with Fluted Panelling in Ash Wood and White Laminate Singapore Rivercove Residences EC Peter Su
EC Modern Luxury by Peter Su
Modern Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Modern Luxury Bedroom Interior Design at Montview Condo by Louis Ting

Opt for Fine Materials like Wood, Marble and Granite

Naturally, it isn’t enough to talk the talk. To trail a blaze of glory, choose quality materials. Therefore, choose the most decadent of materials where possible. Below, the modern luxury kitchen, dining and bar by Jennifer Tan uses only the finest materials available. Inspired by Minotti, the landed home at Dunbar Walk evokes a uniquely moody grandeur.

Modern Luxury interior design for dining room in marble and wood for bar counter and dining room at Dunbar walk
Minotti Inspired Interior Design by Jennifer Tan

However, for smaller spaces like HDBs and condos, focus on glitzing up one area of the home. Doing so will toe the line between ostentatious and class. For example, this HDB resale apartment splurges on a uniquely crafted living room display shelf and cabinet. The mix of browns and grey lend an unmistakably sophisticated look.

Modern Luxury HDB Living Room Clementi Ridges
Modern Luxury HDB Resale Living Room Clementi Ridges

Choose a Splurge

Finally, to seal the deal on modern luxury interior design, don’t be afraid to go big. Whether it’s wood panel ceilings or marble clad floors and walls, go big or go home is the name of the game.

Modern Luxury Bathroom in Singapore Condo
Modern Luxury Bathroom in Singapore Condo. Interior design by Louis Ting.

Ceiling fan with ceiling wood panelling

Breaking the Fourth Wall with Wood Panelling on the Ceiling. Landed property interior design by Jennifer Tan.

Modern Luxury Interior Designers in Singapore

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Finally, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of highly reviewed interior designers in Singapore today!

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