7 Ways To Design A Luxurious Home

Wondering how to design an expensive-looking luxurious home without breaking the bank?

Designing a luxurious home may seem intimidating at first, especially if you are keeping an eye on the cost. However, you can definitely create a luxurious home without going into debt. The key is careful planning and understanding the aspects of what makes a home look luxe.

During a home renovation project, here are some things you will want to consider. Whether you are a first-time homeowner seeking to design your new home or thinking about giving your current home a fresh new look, this is for you. These 7 simple ways can help you to create a stunning, elegant home!

The Ways To Design A Luxurious Home

1. Statement Lighting and Art Pieces

No home can look luxurious without statement lighting.

If you are into chandeliers, you may wish to install one in your home. Chandeliers are not necessarily costly, and they are suitable for both traditional and modern homes. But if you are not into hanging chandeliers, you can still consider other types of statement lighting pieces. A bold, statement light will draw the eye upwards, bringing glamour into the space.

In the photo below, the abstract lighting piece immediately attracts attention and introduces dynamism into the space. You will also notice the beautiful artwork of a golden tree located above the sofa. Investing in a large piece of art makes the home look more expensive when it is large and well-framed.

2. Feature Walls and Texture

Feature walls are another way to elevate a room. They give the scheme a sense of grandeur without being too loud. It is recommended that the feature wall follow the colour scheme of the room. One type of feature wall is a textured wall accented by intersecting gold lines. Otherwise, you can also opt for a marble feature wall which works wonders in bringing the home to another level.

3. Iconic Display Shelves

We all need shelves in our homes to store items. So, why not go for one with style?

Installing a unique display shelf in the home that is both iconic and memorable is most certainly worth the investment. Not only is it practical for shelving books, photo frames, and house plants, it is an artwork all on its own!

4. Bedding and Blankets

Sometimes in the hustle of decorating everything else, we may forget to consider the bedroom. Bedding is one of the biggest elements in making a space comfortable and luxurious. So when you are decorating, make sure that you put more thought into the bedding!

Make use of comforters, high-quality sheets, and throw blankets to finish the look. With the bedsheets in the right shade and a complementary throw over it, any bedroom can look picture-perfect for a luxury home magazine.

5. Dark Tones

Not all luxurious homes have to be painted white. Go for a darker colour scheme for your home. Darker grey walls, together with grey textured cabinets and a dark wood dining table make for a deeper, more mysterious vibe in the home.

6. Luxurious Bathroom Design

To recreate the luxurious hotel bathroom look, here are some brilliant ways to design your space. For one, make use of the bathroom tiling and flooring to elevate the space. Two, introduce lighting to create a cosy mood in the space. And lastly, you may choose to include a power shower for the ultimate luxurious bathroom.

7. Decorate with Candles and Houseplants

Lastly, the home decor. To put the finishing touches on the bathroom space (or any space at all!), try decorating with candles and houseplants. The little details matter when it comes to making a home feel luxurious. Give attention to these little things, and you will find that they can do wonders.

Design Your Own Luxurious Home

Achieving a luxurious look doesn’t mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket. It can be as simple as following the tips listed above.

Remember that everyone is different and we all prioritise differently when it comes to designing our own home. Consider the various elements that go into making a home luxurious. Then, think about which of them you wish to incorporate into your design.

By focusing your money and energy on a few essential pieces, you will achieve a high-end luxurious home in no time!

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