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Bathroom Design Inspo For Your Next Home Reno

Did you know that we spend an average of 30 minutes in the bathroom daily? That makes for more than 182 hours every year!

Given that we spend so much time in the bathroom, we have to make sure we design the bathroom well for both aesthetics and functionality.

We all love beautiful bathrooms. It is where we can relax and find some peace. This could very well be one of the most important places in the home. It is where you start your day and probably end your day before bed. If you have kids, this might even be your only place of respite during the long day. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the bathroom design during your home renovation.

In this article, we have compiled a series of bathroom design ideas to inspire your next home reno!

Bathroom Designs For Any Home

1. The Bright And Colourful

First up, we have the bright and colourful. When it comes to interior design, we want our homes to reflect who we are. If you have a cheerful and bubbly personality, you may prefer a colour scheme that is a little more outgoing but not too loud. Since the typical minimalist designs are not your style, you can try going for some bright, fresh colours in the bathroom.

Gentle shades of pink and blue can be a soothing choice, bringing some colour in without being overbearing. Throw in a small vase of flowers and statement lighting to make your bathroom pop even more. With a few subtle design choices, the bathroom will be distinctly yours.

2. The Modern And Chic

bathroom blog post

Next, we have the modern and chic bathroom.

In the modern bathroom, simplicity is key. You will find that this design style is classy and will never be out of trend. Discover useful storage space in specially crafted cabinets, built with perfectly rounded edges. Similarly, rounded mirrors with backlighting make for an elegant choice in bathrooms.

1. The Dark And Mysterious

If you are into it, why not try the dark and mysterious? These bathrooms are grand in design, reminding you of classy hotel bathrooms. Pick a mix of dark wood, black or white sinks, and wide mirrors.

Be sure to complement the darker tones with lighter tones so it doesn’t get too dark. With suitable lighting and decorative pieces, it will make for a wonderful bathroom space. We recommend the dark and mysterious design if you are looking for a bathroom that stands out from the rest.

4. The Soothing And Natural

For those who love the natural Scandinavian look, definitely go for the soothing and natural designed bathroom. For a cohesive home design, it is ideal to have the rooms designed to follow a similar style. So, if the theme of your home is Scandinavian or Japandi, you may opt for a similar design to the one featured here. By making use of lighter wood tones, white bathroom tiling and potted plants, this design allows for a warm and cosy space.

5. The Eclectic And Royal

Lastly, we have bathrooms that are more eclectic than the rest. Play around with the bathroom tiling to see which matches are best for each other. Unique types of bathroom tiling include fish scale tiles, herringbone tiles, hexagon tiles, or even basic rectangular tiles in various shades. For the bathroom cabinets, you can customize them to have black doors with golden edges like the one above.   

Design Your Dream Bathroom Space Today

To conclude, hopefully this collection of incredible bathroom designs has provided great inspiration for your next home renovation design. If you are ready to design your dream bathroom, get in touch with our interior designers to find out what we can do for you!

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