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Louis Ting
Louis is a hardwired creative governed by an equal passion for structure. It’s this internal tension which elevates any space he touches into a design masterpiece. Louis takes inspiration from a homeowner’s needs and aspirations, while balancing it with practical design considerations. Reach out to Louis anytime for a friendly chat about design possibilities.
Bryan Choo

Designing homes has always been a dream for interior designer Bryan. He works passionately to turn his client’s ideas and style into a comprehensive design. This process involves listening, empathising, and ideating to transform the space into one unlike any other.

Bryan chose the path of becoming an interior designer because he enjoys the work that goes into it. His goal is to transform any home to be aesthetic, functional, and cost-effective – key elements for any home renovation project.

As a friendly, fun, and creative individual, Bryan welcomes anyone to have a chat with him about design. He is more than willing to share all about his design style and aesthetic with you.

Collaborate with Bryan to create your dream home today!

Hazel Lee

“A house is not a home until you make it so.”

This punchy line captures the essence of what Hazel believes in. Upon purchasing her first home, she discovered the importance of appointing the right interior designer. Hazel was inspired to become an interior designer to help homeowners transform a house into a home, in a way that is aesthetic, functional, and cost-effective.

After many years of hard work, Hazel’s dream of becoming an interior designer has come true. She is excited to make your dream a reality too!

To Hazel, good home design is a collaborative process that involves active listening and honest communication. When working with her, you are free to share your honest opinion or the gazillion Pinterest boards you have created.

“We’re in this together,” is Hazel’s promise to you as an interior designer.

Projects By Team 88

632 Upper Thomson Road
Alkaff Crescent
Toh Yi Drive
Louis Ting
3 Toh Yi Drive
Louis Ting
9 Boon Keng Road
Louis Ting
25 Teck Whye In

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Q: Where do you usually get your inspiration from?
My design inspiration comes from my surrounding & time. I’d usually take time to develop and enhance my design. Louis
Q: What is a unique request that you have received from homeowners before?
To remodel a 3 bedroom flat by hacking down almost 90% of the interior walls, incl the toilets. The owner just needs a Master Bedroom with a linked walk-in, a home office and 2 bigger bathrooms. Eric
Q: What are your thoughts on “The older the flat, the better for IDs”?
I could start all from scratch when designing an older flat. It’s like creating new art from blank paper. I have encountered such projects before and the progress was challenging, and I feel so accomplished when the outcome meets the owner’s requirements. Hazel
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