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5 Unique Kitchen Designs You Will Love

The kitchen is where the magic happens. The birthplace of delectable cuisines and dishes of culinary genius. For your home, you would want something more than just a plain old white kitchen. But what does it take to create kitchen designs that are both aesthetic and functional?

No matter what style you are into, there will be a kitchen style that is just right for you. Like Goldilocks’ porridge, not too warm nor too cold. Here, we have compiled a delightful mix of unique kitchen designs that you will love!

1. Nautical-Style Kitchen

northshore drive dining

First up on our list of unique kitchen designs, we have the Nautical-style kitchen in the Northshore Drive HDB designed by Joe Yap!

At the start, this unique L-shaped kitchen felt rather small and cramped. After the renovation, the kitchen was integrated with the dining space, creating a spacious and open feel. With a wide dining table within arm’s reach, you can easily place all the necessary ingredients for cooking and carry out your food prep there. After you are done cooking, you can just as conveniently serve delicious plates of food for your loved ones to enjoy. 

The homeowners of the Northshore Drive apartment were previously based in Australia and they wished to recreate a similar design to their kitchen design in Aussie. The island-like breakfast table concept is commonly found in western countries.

In this kitchen, Joe used the material Lamintak Nautica pro as it is Anti-bacterial, Anti-fingerprint, Scratch-resistant, and Stain-resistant. It is everything you could want to keep your kitchen looking clean and fresh. The simple designer white from Lamintak was also used to create a matte feel. For the kitchen table top, the Lian Hin Sintered surface with a simple matte marble finish was chosen because the homeowners wanted to ensure that the table top could withstand frequent use.

As this is a 3-bedroom flat, the kitchen space was originally quite small so the yard windows and doors were hacked away to create a more spacious look. Cabinets and a blum space tower were made to allow more storage in the kitchen.

This iconic nautical-style, blue and white kitchen will remind you of being out on a cruise at sea, ready for a new adventure. It definitely stands out from the crowd and leaves a strong impression on any visitor.

2. Monochromatic Kitchen

In this Senja Road HDB, interior designer Felix Yan has created a modern-themed monochromatic kitchen featuring many shades of greys. The main highlight is the unique backsplash design. The homeowners enjoy a good patterned design so they decided on the chevron patterned tile for the kitchen backsplash. It acts as a great contrast to the other parts of the kitchen which is mostly plain and clean in design.

The patterns come with a fascinating 3D texture which looks great under the LED lights. Although it is textured, the glossy material makes it easy to clean. Take a look at the beautiful countertop lighting that brightens up the whole space!

When it came to deciding on the colours, the homeowners had a mix of taste for industrial style and wood grain. Therefore, Felix proposed a two-tone kitchen, where a light solid grey colour is applied for the bottom and while a light wood colour is used for the tall cabinet.

senja road kitchen

One thing that will strike you is how huge this kitchen is for a resale HDB apartment! The store room was initially located in a position where it blocked out the light, making the kitchen appear small and dark. Therefore, the kitchen and yard were merged to create an L-shaped kitchen. The fridge and oven cabinets were expertly used to separate the wet and the dry area.

senja road dining

Another key feature is the synchronized sliding door that separates the kitchen and dining areas. With this see-through door, light can reach the center of the home from both the yard and the living room. This sliding door closes with one touch, giving you a smooth and seamless entry in and out of the kitchen.

If you are into modern homes with monochromatic designs, this could be the right kitchen design for you!

3. Dark Teal Kitchen

dark teal kitchen

Now, this is a statement kitchen indeed. 

Dark teal creates a sense of class and sophistication like no other. In this Tampines Central apartment, interior designer Jennifer has elevated the kitchen experience to another level. The bold dark teal colour contrasts perfectly with the white countertop and hexagon tiled backsplash.

tampines kitchen design

This kitchen may be small but the interior design makes it appear wide and spacious. On top of that, the dry and wet area is divided nicely for use. It is a feature that is coveted by many homeowners. The wet kitchen is where washing up and cooking takes place, while the dry kitchen is usually the pantry area where you store items and carry out food preparation. This separation helps to manage and organize the different tasks, limiting the fumes and grease in the wet kitchen area.

With the unique selling points of a distinct look and functional layout, you are sure to fall in love with this kitchen.

4. Open Plan Kitchen

open plan kitchen
teck whye kitchen

In this Teck Whye Lane HDB apartment, interior designer Louis Ting decided to go with a unique open-plan concept that is not often seen in older HDB flats. For old HDB flats, it is not easy to create an island in the middle of the kitchen due to the elongated kitchen plans. However, we managed to achieve the impossible!

The master bedroom was partially hacked away so the kitchen and dining area could be extended, thus making it possible to form a practical and useful recessed cooking corner. 

Louis specially designed a stand-alone island for this kitchen, the star of the show. The island is well-proportioned, combining a wide countertop space with ample storage and blum drawers. It allows sufficient leg room so you can sit there for breakfast on the island or use it as a workstation when you are working from home! The countertop is made of high-end material by the brand Dekton. This beautiful white material covers the top and spills over on the sides as the waterfall.

At the side of the kitchen, a fridge compartment was made to accommodate the fridge. A tall unit was added beside the fridge to unify the design and allow for waist level usability for the oven. A washing machine compartment was tailor-made to fit a specific model as well. Many hidden features for the pipes and rubbish chute were expertly concealed in the carpentry.

Overall, this simple and minimalist design is one that will appeal to those who would love to have an island in their HDB flat kitchen too!

5. Muji Themed Kitchen

muji themed kitchen
upper serangoon crescent kitchen

Lastly, presenting the final kitchen on the list, a simple and practical Muji themed kitchen. Interior designer Summer Lim created a peaceful Muji-themed space in this Upper Serangoon Crescent home. The Muji interior design concept is a unique one, with elements of minimalism and plain organic textures.

The homeowners wanted to have a kitchen island and abundant storage for a spacious-looking and fully-functional kitchen. One of the biggest works included hacking off the service yard wall to allow natural light into the home. The concrete walls were then replaced with clear glass screens, brightening the kitchen space.

The flooring used in the kitchen is concrete-looking vinyl. Customized carpentry and storage solutions were used to keep the clutter hidden away from sight. The kitchen cabinets work to maximise the kitchen space and facilitate food preparation, providing a fully functional Muji-themed kitchen.

Create Your Own Kitchen Designs

In essence, these kitchen designs are unique in their own ways. It is important to put more thought into planning the kitchen space because this is where you will spend lots of time preparing delicious meals, baking sweet treats, and bonding with the family. 

After reading about these amazing kitchen designs, may you be inspired to create your very own unique kitchen!

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