The 2023 Guide To 11 Popular Interior Design Styles

Welcome to our guide on the popular interior design styles of 2023! 

After years of planning, you have finally received the keys or floorplan to your new home. The keys to the kingdom of your own. Now what? The next step of the journey is to work on the interior design of course! But first, you have to decide on the interior design style for your home. 

For interior design lovers, you might already have a dream look in mind for your new home. Meanwhile, for others, it can be a challenge to brainstorm through the hundreds of interior design styles out there.

Instead of searching up every single interior design, this guide will make things simple for you. Here are 11 trending interior design styles for you to choose from!

1. Minimalist Interior Design

First, here’s one for the minimalists. The minimalist interior design style can be simply described as “less is more”.

This design style gained popularity in the twentieth century, and it is a relatively new form of interior design compared to the others. It is known for its simplicity, practicality, and aesthetics. Minimalist homes make use of an open floor plan, plenty of light, clean lines, functional furniture, and a neutral colour palette.

2. Maximalist Interior Design

In contrast to minimalism, maximalism means more of everything.

To get this look, layer patterns with vibrant colours that make the space pop. This interior design style will remind you of an abstract art painting with rich colours and patterns. However, it is not random at all, everything is executed and displayed with intention.

This design style is for the artists who love colours and patterns. Simply browse around for some new pieces of art and fancy décor to start building your maximalist living space!

3. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design comprises of minimalist pieces, natural materials, simple decoration, and white walls. It evokes a sense of serene simplicity, a safe haven in the bustling city.

Along with the natural shades, you can include hints of colour by introducing a throw blanket or a rug. The key is to use different layers of texture in the space. Everything works together to create a calm and cosy home.

4. Bohemian Interior Design

The Bohemian style embraces a mix of vintage furniture, beaded fabrications, and even crystals. The bohemian style is centered on a carefree lifestyle. Think of the wind, flowing whichever way it wishes to go.

If you are an avid traveller or someone who craves adventure, boho design is the right one for you. Bohemian décor invites the wandering lifestyle and the heart of exploring straight into your home.

5. Japanese Interior Design

The Japanese style has a distinctive traditional minimalism to it. It features simple furniture and structured spaces. The colour palette is made out of cream, milky and light beige. With this style, you can create a peaceful environment conducive for rest and restoration.  

6. Modern Interior Design

The modern style shows off an uncluttered and sleek approach to interior design. It began somewhere in the late 19th century, inspired by the Modernist art movement.

Modern interior design emphasizes industrial design, using materials that are found in the most basic forms. Patterns are usually focused on block colours, especially primary hues. It features geometric patterns, layered textures, and abstract spaces that are both casual and inviting.

7. Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary homes are warm, welcoming, and cosy spaces. This style is focused on luxury material choices and monochromatic colours with warmer hues and a significant lack of contrast.

Warm brown and cream colours are the basis of this colour palette, often injected with jewel tones such as mauves and jades. Besides, they are well paired with bright metals that serve as accents.

8. Art Deco Interior Design

The Art Deco interior design style may be uncommon but it surely stands out from the crowd. This style features bold and elegant elements that give your home a sense of glamour and glitz.

It originates from the 1920s, during the post-war times in America and Europe. This particular style places an emphasis on lines, symmetry, and geometry. You will find bold curves, shiny chrome/brass, angular patterns, and layered designs that are created from glossy paint and lacquered wood.

If you appreciate the glamourous look, this style is the one for you.

9. Mediterranean Interior Design

The Mediterranean interior design was inspired by the Mediterranean and Southern European countries. Additionally, Mediterranean design channels warm summer vibes.

It is known for its fresh appearance and the iconic use of natural materials such as wood, terracotta, cotton, and stone. There is an abundance of natural light, with warm tones and it is often paired with hardwood or tile floors.

10. Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

The modern farmhouse interior design combines rustic elements with contemporary modern elements. Modern farmhouse spaces are uncluttered with a good mix of antique and contemporary décor. Furthermore, it has a nostalgic feeling to it with the use of repurposed furniture and natural materials, giving it a rustic, vintage charm.

11. Coastal Interior Design

Lastly, take in a breath of fresh air with the coastal interior design.

The refreshing coastal interior design creates a summery ambiance through the use of organic oceanic materials and natural lighting. Go for a contrast of white and blue to create this style. Display items like seashells, ropes, and anything marine-themed to bring the seas straight into your room. 

With this design style, you can imagine yourself on a permanent holiday and enjoying the sea breeze any time of the day. If you have a balcony that faces out to the water, this is the perfect interior design style for you. 

Start Designing Your Dream Home

All in all, we hope that this guide gives you a better understanding of the different types of interior design styles. Of course, there are many more design styles out there for you to choose from. And the most exciting part – it is entirely up to you. 

Whichever interior design style you decide on, you will need an expert interior designer to help you bring ideas to life. Our dedicated interior designers have the knowledge and skills to execute your home renovation project. Create your dream home with us today!

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