Team 21/ West

Zoel Ong

Need a residential interior designer for your HDB or condominium? Get in touch with Zoel.

Zoel’s expertise never fails to move the needle from prosaic to stunning. Every space injects a dash of your personality to elevate the space (something only good listeners can do!). Peppered with intricacies and novel design solutions, his designs are sure to impress your visitors. Aesthetic aside, each space is designed for functional everyday living.

Ideate with our residential interior designer, Zoel, today to create a home which is distinctively yours.

Amber Yew

With more than 2 years in the industry, Amber has got what it takes to design the ideal home for you. She is motivated by her burning passion for art and design. Ever since she was a young child, she has enjoyed doing hands-on work. She loves imagining and creating spectacular designs.

Amber’s design principles include the elements of contrast and rhythm that plays out well for the visuals. She also believes that great design comes with an emphasis on practicality. Amber has completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interior Architecture.

Amber is a friendly, fun, and creative individual. She always strives for the best, so you can be assured that she will do her best for you too.

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Xin Hao

Xin Hao’s design philosophy centers on the idea that every space should reflect the unique personality of its inhabitants while serving their needs. Whether it’s a minimalist studio apartment or a grand, sprawling estate, his goal is to create spaces that are both visually stunning and highly functional.

Essentially, his designs focus on the space as a whole and he considers the characteristics of the entire space when designing. This ensures that every element of his design works together seamlessly to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

Xin Hao loves combining on-trend design elements in order to realize the client’s dream house. He is passionate about discovering new inspiration by experimenting and matching different materials, textures and colors. He works closely with his clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life.

If this aligns with you, speak to us to work with Xin Hao today!


Samson is a highly experienced interior artist with an extraordinary talent for design and a captivating charisma.

With a natural mastery of design principles, trends, and styles, Samson has the ability to envision and create visually stunning and functionally seamless spaces. His meticulous attention to detail brings every room to life through striking visuals and purposeful arrangements, encompassing everything from space planning and furniture selection to illuminating aesthetics and artful accessorizing.

In addition, Samson excels in building meaningful connections with clients by being an attentive listener. His impeccable ability to articulate concepts through mesmerizing sketches and captivating visualizations is truly unmatched. Furthermore, Samson’s impeccable project management skills ensure that every project progresses with the utmost precision.

Clients can have complete trust in Samson’s dedication, as he always goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional design craftsmanship that leaves a lasting impression.

Reach out to us to work with Samson today!

Projects By Team 21

Whampoa Dew 2
90A Telok Blangah
126A Compassvale Drive
St. George’s Lane
The Clement Canopy
Fernvale Road

What People Say About Team 21

More About Team 21

Q: Where do you usually get your inspiration from?
My design inspiration comes from my surrounding & time. I’d usually take time to develop and enhance my design. Zoel
Q: What is a unique request that you have received from homeowners before?
To remodel a 3 bedroom flat by hacking down almost 90% of the interior walls, incl the toilets. The owner just needs a Master Bedroom with a linked walk-in, a home office and 2 bigger bathrooms. Amber
Q: What are your thoughts on “The older the flat, the better for IDs”?
I could start all from scratch when designing an older flat. It’s like creating new art from blank paper. I have encountered such projects before and the progress was challenging, and I feel so accomplished when the outcome meets the owner’s requirements. Koon
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